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This is me and my boo boo at the Galleria -July 15, 1997-. Hmm..I dunno how I remember that date...Maybe 'coz that was a couple of days after my parents told me and my brother and sister that we were moving to Virginia...AHH! Well, yeah... so me and Jasper have been havin' this long distance relationship now.. He lives in New York and I live in Richmond... *sigh* I miss him so much!! =o( We moved on Aug. 30, 1998...We visited NYC on Oct. 9-for like 2 days, but it was worth it since I got to see him again =). But the sad thing is..that's the last time I saw him *snif*. It's so weird-'coz ever since '92, we've lived sooo close by.. The past 4 years or so, we've either lived in the same building or on the same floor. But now we're MILES apart *snif*... Ok, I'll end our lil' story now.. I'll probably add more later but for now that's it.. =)