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Always In My Heart
written: July 13, 1998

For all the years we've known each other
We've always been nearby.
But now something has changed our lives forever,
Something that just makes me cry.

Twice before, I thought I was to leave you
But Mom and Dad always changed their minds.
But this time, what they said is true
I just feel like I want to die.

Because we're gonna be miles apart,
I can't be with you everyday.
And even though I love you with all my heart
I won't be able to see you anyway.

But I know we'll always be together
Because our love is true.
And I know that we'll last forever
Because all I ever wanted was you.

I promise that we'll be together again,
Once more, I'd be able to feel your touch.
'Coz to me, you're much more than a friend,
You're someone whom I love so much.

And I want you to always remember
That even though we'll be miles apart,
Please know that I'll love you forever
'Coz you're always gonna be in my heart.