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It's All About Jaine!
So yah wanna know more about me huh? Well read on to find out
Name:Elaine aka Jaine
Location:I moved from NYC to Richmond.. sad huh? *snif*
DOB:November 23, 198? the math~I'm 17..hehe
Nationality:100% Pinay Baybee!!!
Status:Happily taken... 1 yr and 11 months <3
Hobbies:ParTaY!! hehe.. nah, I jus hang out w/ my pwendz a little.. not like before in NY *snif*.. I don't really like to go out anymore =\.. Makin' homepages is also a hobby of mine
Likes:My boo boo =), pizza, mcdonald's, nice people *hehe*, hip hop, r&b, 2m2m
Dislikes:Biters, *snobs*, phonies, girls and guys who swear they're all THAT, hypocrites, chickenheads who leave g-book messages without leavin' a return address!
Wish for the Future:. be close to my booČ again - and stay like that forever.. .