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" Pinkerton Place "

My Hardonthetail XL
My wife (Tee's) rare Amen Savior Softail XL
Now, listen to our story - bout a man named "Pink",
His family had a farm - but he "Lived to Ride" & drink.
Then one night - he was in a bar and drunk,
This chick walked by - and his heart just went "Ker-Plunk".
Stopped it did-
Started up-
Throbbed again!
Well, the next thing ya know - Ol' Pink's a married man,
His wife's a dream - and she's got a native tan.
The kinfolk said - "Mud Lake's for him & her,
So they bought an old pickup - and they moved to "Depeyster"
Small it is-
Just 1 store-
Lots of cows!
Anyway,we came to Depeyster in beautiful St.Lawrence Valley, Northern New York, with a handful of furniture, 2 very little girls,and a dream. Well, the furniture is shot, we have 4 girls now, and we're still dreaming! But we have lots of love in our family and 4 Harleys! 2 custom XL's, a SX250, and a X90 for our youngest beginners. Converted a few locals to the "American" way of riding and made new friends. Theresa (Tee) hosts a local Toy-Run each year (9 now) for motorcyclist to benefit the needy children of our area at X-mas, hoping to make that special day a little brighter than it might otherwise had been! Soooooooooooooo, if yer surfin' the web, e-mail us! If yer puttin' thru Depeyster, Stop in! -Ride Free- *Pink&Tee*
Tee Des
Stepheny Amanda
Me (Pink)
Yall' Comeback now, HEAR!

Email: xlman@gisco.net