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Welcome to my homepage! . . .here you'll find facts about science. You might ask what is a fact? . . . according to Noah Webster's First Edition Dictionary, it is defined as:"Any thing done, or that comes to pass; an act; a deed; an effect produced or achieved; an event. Witnesses are introduced into court to prove a fact. Facts are stubborn things. To deny a fact knowingly is to lie. Reality; truth; as, in fact. So we say indeed." Facts are fun and great for your intellect. This page includes facts for the following categories: Evolution, Astronomy, and Biology. If you have any comments, please e-mail me. On to the facts!


FACT NO.1: The age of the Earth is not known. Fossils, rocks, bones, etc, are dated using methods and techniques developed by scientists. They claim that the methods used are accurate and flawless; those methods being carbon-14 and radiometric dating. But this is not so. The carbon-14 technique has been proven to be in-accurate. For example, according to Keith and Anderson,"Radiocarbon Dating: Fictitious Results with Mollusk Shells",Science,Vol.141, 1963,P.634, living snails were dated to be over 2,300 years old! How can scientists come up with an age of billions of years for Earth? As far as I know, Earth could be millions or even thousands of years old!

FACT NO.2: Human ancestors do not exist; moreover, humans have always been humans. All the evidence claimed to be that of evolving apes is false. There are two famous examples: Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man. Nebraska Man, discovered in 1922 by Harold Cook, was based upon a single piece of evidence: a tooth. This tooth was later proven to be that of an extinct species of pig!

Piltdown Man, discovered in 1912 by charles Dawson, was based upon bones and teeth found in a gravel pit at Piltdown, Sussex, England. In October of 1956, it was revealed that the bones were fraudulent. One of the pieces, the jaw bone, belonged to an ape that died 50 years before; the teeth were filed down, and all the bones were discolored with bichromate of potash to cover up there true identity. A Jesuit by the name of Teilhard de Chardin was responsible for the hoax. If you're wondering about Neanderthal Man, the bones discovered have been classified as fully human. It's hard to believe that people accept the idea of humans evolving from apes, when the evidence presented is false. People should realize that human beings are created in God's image and that evolution is just a theory.

FACT NO.3: The Big Bang never occurred. The Big Bang theory assumes there was an original concentration of energy; however, scientists cannot explain where this large amount of energy came from. In addition, the mass concentration proposed would remain forever as a black hole; gravity would keep it from expanding.


FACT NO.4: Life did not come from non-life. Centuries before the theory of evolution was introduced to the world, the belief that life came from non-living matter was widespread. During the 17th century people believed that maggots formed from decaying meat, and that mice arose from old clothes. In 1665, an Italian physician, Francesco Redi (1626-1697), proved that the maggots were produced when living flies layed their eggs on the decaying meat. Redi was the first person to present evidence against "spontaneous generation". Over two hundred years later, in 1858, Rudolph Virchow, a medical officer, wrote a book entitled Cellular Pathology. In it, he proposed that the cell is the basic unit of life. He also proposed that all cells come from pre-existing cells(the law of Biogenesis). This law proves that "spontaneous generation" has no scientific basis.
Sadly, scientists today believe that life emerged from nonliving chemicals; this belief is known as Abiogenesis. The Miller-Urey experiment, where chemicals were mixed to produce amino acids did not create life, just an organic compound which was completely lifeless. The theories of "spontaneous generation" and abiogenesis are nothing more than wishful thinking.


FACT NO.1: Every star is different from another in its composition. The probability of a star having the same properties of another star is 0. Even though scientists have studied very few stars in detail, the variability of individual stars from each other is fascinating. These variables include: atom number, size, exact composition of elements, and temperature. There are trillions of stars in the universe and all are unique from each other. Our sun is like no other star!

FACT NO.2: Uranus was discovered by accident. During the night of March 13, 1781 William Herschel was observing the planet mars through his homemade 20-foot telescope in England. At about 11:00 PM, Herschel Observed a small disk among the stars. Other observations showed that the disk was a planet! After being honored by George3, Herschel honored the king by naming the planet Georgium Sidus; however, the name was later changed to uranus.
In 1986, the Voyager2 spacecraft fly-by gave us some information about this large planet. Uranus is greenish due to the presence of methane in its atmosphere. Its magnetic field is 50 times greater than Earth's, and is shrouded in a thick smog composed of ammonia, methane, helium, and other elements.

FACT NO.3: The earth's magnetic field is decreasing. It has been determined that for the past 150 years its strength has decreased 6 percent. If the decrease continues, the earth's magnetic field could totally vanish in less than a thousand years! Without a magnetic field surrounding the globe, large amounts of radiation would "rain" on earth and diseases would be prevalent.

FACT NO.4: The Birth of a star has never been observed. Scientists claim that stars are forming in certain regions of space. The Orion nebula is one of those places. In order for a star to form, a compressed cloud of hydrogen gas must be small enough for gravity to dominate; however, gas clouds in space are light years in size and gas pressure from within cause the clouds to spread out not contract. The second law of thermodynamics says that everything in the universe is decaying, going in a downward direction; given enough time all the energy in the universe will become low level heat. Nebulas are evidence of a decaying universe, not one trying to continue.