My Cousin Raped Me

My problem is my Aunt & Uncle and their 16 year old son spent a week with us.My cousin and I were in the pool when he took bottoms off and had sex (rape). I thought he was joking till it happened. I didn`t say anything to anyone. I`m not pregnant but what about AIDS? Should I tell someone? And how will I ever face him or my Aunt & Uncle, and my parents ask why I never go swmming anymore when it was one of my favorite sports?
ADVISOR REPLIES: You really need to talk to your parents about this. Your cousin could be arrested for this being that you did not give your consent to having sex with him. At least this is the impression that I got from your letter since you seemed to not want to have sex with him. When talking to your parents about this, tell them exactly what happened and that you know you're not pregnant but you want to get tested to see if you have STDs. Don't worry about facing your cousin because it is most likely that he will be getting help so he can learn to respect the wishes of people and will be able to understand how you, the victim, feels. Chances are, your uncle and aunt might not believe you at first when finding this out, however, with time they WILL realize the clear truth about their son. Anyway, it really isn't your problem on how the react to this. The main thing is to talk to your parents or a trusted adult so they can take the proper medical and legal actions on this matter. If you keep your mouth shut, your cousin will think that it is okay to rape women and use forcive sex on them. It is your role as the victim to take action and turn your cousin's way of thinking around. Obviously, there is something seriously wrong with your cousin and you're the only one who can get this out in the open. Also, if you don't say anything, your rights as a female and person will remain abused and destroyed so I REALLY, REALLY encourage you to take action! I think you know what you have to do, now. Here are the numbers for: RAINN([ or] which was founded by Tori Amos and stands for Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network):800-656-HOPE; Youth Crisis Hotline: 800-448-4663; AIDS Crisisline: 800-221-7044; AIDS Hotline: 800-323-AIDS; AIDS/HIV Nightline: 800-273-2437 By calling these numbers, the people working there can guide you more on the actions you should take. I wish you the best of luck. Modern Teen Advisor,- Em