Getting Braces

Look, I hate to say this but, I don't want to get braces. I know that the sooner I get them on, the sooner I get them off and that I should be grateful that we can afford them. But I am just afraid that I will be made fun of and I hate it when people do things like that.I also don't want to look stupid. What should I do?? Please help me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!
ADVISOR REPLIES: I have had braces before and I know what you are going through. Two or three people that have no life or are immature might say something about your braces. But hey-they'll end up having them! A lot of kids around eleven to thirteen years old have braces. It really isn't going to hurt, but for the first two hours of having them on, you might want to have some aspirin with you. Another tip, is when you are choosing your rubberbants that go around the brackets, choose colors that fit you. I used to choose colors that were in season. For example, Halloween: Orange and Black, Easter: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple (Pastels), Summer: Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, and Black. If you have to wear a headgear, wear it. I had one and I never wore it so they gave me these painful big rubber bands that I had to put on. Boy did they hurt. I hope this helps!- LeAnne First off, I'd like to get on my "soapbox." There are a lot of people out there that are afraid to do things because of the ignorance and stupidity of about a millionth of a percent of the others. The only thing is that tiny group is the most vocal. I hate that. About your braces, don't worry. People feed off of how you feel. If you let the braces pull you down, then that small group will feed on you. They make braces better looking the past few years (at least since I had to wear them,) and belive it or not some guys are attracted to braces :) Hope this helps,- John If you don't get braces, you could have trouble with your teeth later on. True, the thought of braces can be a little depressing but a lot of kids your age get braces and pretty soon you will see that so many people have them that it isn't a big deal anymore. Best of luck. Modern Teen Advisor,- Em