16 and Pregnant

I am 16 and I am going to have a baby. I haven't told my parents yet, but I am starting to show. I am 4 months pregant. The father of the baby doesn't want anything to do with the baby. I am getting very scared. I am thinking about abortion. Should I kill the baby? I want this kid to have a wonderful life. I never meant for this to happen. ADVISOR REPLIES: The first thing that you have to do is tell your parents(this won't be easy for you, but trust me, it's better for you to have some guidance with this situation.) Chances are that the father of this baby is never going to be in the picture, so you are going to have to make the decisions. I know abortion isn't exactly the easiest thing to do but don't really think of it as killing the child, think of it more as you not being able to give the child the best care possible. If you are still having doubts concerning abortion, another approach (which is probably the most common one) is adoption. Many people choose adoption when they are in a similar situation like yours because it is giving the child a fair chance to grow up and offers great love and care that you are probably not able to give at age 16. They even have camps where young pregnant women, like yourself, can go and seek physical and mental help until the baby is ready to be delivered. After the baby is delivered, it is able to be given up for adoption. While at this camp, you are given a book of possible parents which you are able to choose from to be your baby's parents. Since you said you want this baby to have a wonderful life, I think adoption would be the right alternative for you. I wish you the best of luck. Modern Teen Advisor,- Em Well, you should not get an abortion. Besides, it is too late for an abortion. You have to tell your parents immediatly and make the best of it.- Lisa.

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