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Yes I know I know.No pictures yet,since I don't have a scanner this IS a problem. BUT,I sill can put pics on this page.I will hopfully have them up by tonight or tomarrow.Ok,now I want to say I'm sorry to Buffy,I have obviously misjudged her and I will NOT send you a virius ,please forgive me.(this page is always under construction.)

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Omri Katz seems to have dissapeared from the public eye.The last known sighing of him was in 1996 in Dallas ,the JR returns one, (if anyone has had a sighting of him after he did this appearance e-mail me).I want to convince him to go back to acting, I plan to show him he still has fans out here (and judging from all the sites on the internet with him in them, he does still have quite a few fan's).You can help by sending me an e-mail telling how much you like Mr. Katz's acting,or clues to his current residential address.I don't wan't a fan mail address because these are almost always answered by fan club members.Thanks for your help-Lydia

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