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(An American Bible)

O-AH-SPE means SKY, EARTH, and SPIRIT, the three elements of the universe. It is a compound word from the Panic language, the first developed by man. The Continent of Pan was submerged twenty-four thousand years ago in the Pacific Ocean. The sinking of Pan was the source of the myths of a great flood to be found with all races and peoples of the earth.

OAHSPE is pronounced as; O as in O’ clock, AH as in Father and, SPE as in Speak.

In this book of over 900 pages is a fascinating history of man’s habitation on earth for some 78,000 years. Primitive man is shown in his successive stages of progression. Laying down the foundation of the race on a huge continent in the Pacific Ocean called pan. For upwards of 50,000 years man struggled slowly upwards under angelic guidance, often lapsing into degradation and bestiality, but ever in the aggregate making progress toward something more noble. That period came to an end in the sinking of Pan beneath the waters of the Pacific and the dispersal of the survivors to the different quarters of the globe, where they became the founders of the present races.

The last 24,000 years are more particularly dealt with. The rise of the different nations and the evolution of their language from the original Panic, with variations due to climatic and racial peculiarities, are extremely interesting.

Beginning with early humans on earth, we also learn the vast scope of spirit life, and the immense powers accessible to the dead. According to this bible, “ancient astronaut” visits did occur, with these “ET’s” originating from the afterlife dimension. World history is recounted, with OAHSPE emphasizing how events originate in spirit realms, calling it “sacred history.” The Flood, the building of the Great Pyramid, the exodus, the Dark Ages, Inquisitions and Reformation, the founding of America, ending with it’s Civil War, are among familiar history included-all viewed from a spiritual perspective relative to be the Kosmon era.

This 1892 book contains over 500 references to starships, not corporeal, but from afterlife dimensions (consult it’s index under “ships” for a partial listing). Like spirits these ships can materialize sufficiently for mortals to see, which, as OAHSPE predicted in 1882, would occur more frequently in Kosmon. OAHSPE infers the spirit origins of “aliens.” It warns concerning unscrupulous spirits “who can take any form or name” and can psychologically manipulate mortals even with physical effect.

Composed of 36 books, many, being the sacred histories. OAHSPE also contains a variety of other books. “Saphah” is a book on the evolution of languages with translations of ancient ceremonies. A book of cosmogony, describing an etherean view of physics; a book of praises to the Creator, extolling the magnificence of spirit realms; a book describing how our creator speaks through our souls; doctrinal books of spiritual wisdom, suggesting how to obtain one’s “highest light.” OAHSPE also offers prophecies concerning the Kosmon Era, some have already occurred, others still “in Embryo.”

OAHSPE is a spiritual record of heaven and earth. It is a revelation for the Kosmon or New Age, dating from 1848, and is unique for it’s supremacy over other Revealed, Inspired and sacred books of both ancient and modern times. It is so simple and direct that anyone can understand it, and so comprehensive that the wise find inexhaustible treasures in it’s melodious pages.

The best thing about OAHSPE is the dynamic atmosphere for Knowledge, Wisdom and Power. OAHSPE’S Divine Psychology never fails; to read it receptively is to be mentally and spiritually transformed. OAHSPE is a revelation from the higher heavens to the world of today. It is the miracle of the century. The wisdom of the ages may be yours throughout eternity if you read OAHSPE.

Revelation 3:7
These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David.
What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Revelation 5:5
Then one of the elders said to me. "Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumped.
He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals."

Revelation 2:17
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden mana, and will give him a white stone, (OAHSPE) and in the stone a new name written, (JEHOVIH) which no man knoweth saving that he receiveth it.

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I have come to teach!
I have come to teach that all religions and sciences are all parts of the same truth. I have come to clarify the teachings of the prophets offered us to be remembered.
I have come to guide humanity into a new age of World Peace.
We must all work together to teach the power of Love, to conquer the anger, the frustration, and the hopelessness which fills so many people.
I have come to remind all that harming others, other than in defense, has been denounced by all true prophets.
Life is a process of education. It is a process of growth. Collectively, and as individuals, humanity has refused to learn from our past mistakes. Therefore, we have been forced to repeat many painful lessons. I have come to help remind people of our past, and to help put an end to the cycle of destruction that we have brought upon ourselves.

I am here to remind humanity of true morality. Many refuse to overcome their own fears, prejudices, and hatred. How many dictators must show us the death and destruction that results from censorship and the suppression of freedom before we realize that it is wrong?
All life is equal. All people should be treated with respect. All people deserve love. This is one of the most basic messages that Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and other prophets taught us, and it also the message most widely ignored by Christians, Mohammedans, Buddists, Brahmins and other religions.
Morality is simply the practice of helping others in need while not harming others, whether it be with words, actions, or some other manner. Morality is showing respect for all life. Do not ignore those who live with needless suffering, oppression of freedom, violence, poverty, and starvation. Many spend more time attempting to force their beliefs upon others than helping those in need.

Behold the seventh era is at hand.
And as many as separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants unto Me, have I given the foundation of my kingdom on earth. And all shall be my chosen: By their covenants and by their good works shall they they be known as Faithists.
And the angels of heaven descended to the earth, to man and appeared before him, face to face, hundreds of thousands of them, speaking as man speaketh, and writing as man writeth, teaching the things of Jehovih and His works.

OAHSPE is Sky-Earth-Spirit

Dead Man Returns as Excalibur the Oahspe Angel
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