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In OAHSPE Jehovih says: "I am the power, the light, and the life! O man, you are one of my seeds, and you were planted by my hand, at the time of conception. Each and every child born into life, I quickened with a new spirit and a new soul, which proceeds out of me at the time of conception."

"To the physical man I gave two kinds of presence, the objective and the subjective. When mortal man travels around objectively, he must take his flesh body with him. Subjectively, he can imagine himself in a far off place: and by his thought, go to a friend and speak understandingly to him, in the distance. For this I created him. And I magnified these two conditions unto the spirits of all mortal people, that they might appear objectively, and subjectively, in the places known to them. To mortal man I gave an earth body that he might have earthly experiences, and the earth body comes to an end. But death I gave to man that his spirit and soul might rise and inherit my seen my unseen spirit realms and heavenly kingdoms. Save I take thee, O man, into the heavens above, you cannot comprehend the places thereof."

"Mortal death belongs to the flesh body of man, and not to his spirit or his soul. His spirit and soul live after his flesh body is dead; then they are free. The flesh body is but a womb from which they are delivered. The flesh body is merely the spirit's discarded garment. When mortal death occurrs, then out of the head of the flesh body man's spirit and soul are born into the heavenly atmospherean spirit realms of life. And a man's spirit and his soul, within his spirit body, rise upward and ascend into the firmament, for his spirit has crystalized into separateness."


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