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OAHSPE is a 960 page bible made up of 36 books covering the history of our planet, the history of the human race, the history of every major religion, past and present, an analysis of today and a prophecy for tomorrow.

In a circle of fire and the cross, and the leaf of life: For by it are ye sworn to the Father's labor.

Strange as the book itself is the account of its birth. A graduate in both medicine and dentistry, Dr. John Ballou Newbrough was also gifted with extra sensory perception. For many years his hobby was phychic research. Many of the foremost mediums of a century ago were guests in his home, and were put through the paces in the efforts of DR. Newbrough to determine the truth or falsity of spirit phenomena. After several years of experimenting with various mediums the Dr. became disgusted with the vacuity of the things they told him while under spirit influence. Convinced that he was contacting out-of-the-body intelligences he was also disgusted with the low grade of intelligence displayed by them. The years between 1871 and 1881 were spent in spiritual purification during which time he became aware of spiritual guidance. Instructed to buy a typewriter, which had just been invented, he did so. Upon sitting at the instrument an hour before dawn he discovered his hands typed without his conscious control. In fact he was not aware of what his hands typed unless he read what was being printed. He was told he was to write a book, but not to read what he was writing until it was completed. At the end of the year when the manuscript was completed he was instructed to read and publish the book titled OAHSPE a New Bible.

The object of OAHSPE is not supplant the former bibles, or other sacred books, nor is OAHSPE a revision or compilation of any of them; but it is a New Bible. It is a bible comprising the causes of other bibles, with revelations of other heavens. Other bibles have been for a tribe or race of people only, this one is for all the races of people on the earth, showing how the other sacred former books were part of one stupendous plan of our Father for bestowing light upon mortals.


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