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1. We believe there is but one ruler of the universe, and He is the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Almighty, Jehovih; all was and ever shall be.
2. We believe our corporeal bodies are His and dedicated and covenanted to Him, to be in His service during our lifetimes.
3. We believe in the continuity of life and that man's evolution is never finished.
4. We believe that every individual is responsible for his own acts, and that no man can bear the sins of another.
5. We believe each individual born into the world is a child of the Creator, and that all men are brothers.
6. We affirm the universe is governed by the law of the Creator, which is absolute, eternal, unchangeable, and is the sufficient reason of all things seen and unseen.
7. Although we believe that no book is infallable, we accept the OAHSPE BIBLE as our guide to daily living.
8. We believe it to be our duty to help our brothers and sisters of the Human Family; to give love, wisdom, truth, and service and to do these at every opportuniity in order that they may learn to help themselves and others. To become ministers, administering to others.
9. We believe that the greatist satisfaction and happiness of one's life is to serve others, especially the young. Raising them up to work with the hand as well as the mind and teaching them the same OAHSPE BIBLE. To work in communities, establish the work of the Father, and to help bring about His Kingdom on Earth, and world peace and brotherhood.
10. We believe that any desire, thought, or act, which will injure one's self or another, except in self defense, to be unjust and immoral. We abjure war or violence, discord or conflict in any form, and will not aid or abet in it. And we believe it is our duty to live in Peace or Harmony with the entire Human Family.
11. To strive to overcome all tendencies of hate, jealousy, malice, conceit, envy, deceit and all forms of physical, mental, emotional, and moral weakness.
12. To increase knowledge of one's self, of life, and of nature; and to use this knowledge properly for self improvement; to work toward spiritual developement of love, wisdom, peace, universal understanding, that we may be of greater service to God, our Country, our Community, and our Fellow Man.
13. Jehovih who rulest in heaven and earth, hallowed be Thy name, and reverent amongst men. Sufficient unto me is my bread; and, as much as I forgive those that trespass against me, so make Thou me steadfast, to shun temptation, for all honor and glory are Thine, worlds without end. Amen!

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