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OAHSPE is Sky-Earth-Spirit

OAHSPE and OAHSPE Seven Books of Spiritual Wisdom are now available on line at WWW.AMAZON.COM or read on line (see OAHSPE on-line link below)

In this 1881 channeled work (OAHSPE) Jehovih states: "O mortal people, I declare unto thee that the Father's kingdom is now being founded on the earth, and the mortal manifestation thereof is near at hand. I shall appear as a spontaneous light, permeating the souls of thousands of people. OAHSPE has come to make plain the governments of the heavens upon the earth. In this day, OAHSPE has come to change mortals from a race of warriors to a race of peaceful people. OAHSPE shall become known all about the earth world.

This new bible was titled OAHSPE, for it deals with sky, earth, and spirit-the three elements of creation. The 1881 book contains over 500 references to starships from the afterlife dimensions. Like spirits these ships can materialize sufficiently for mortals to see. According to this bible, "ancient astronaut" visits did occur, originating from the afterlife dimensions. OAHSPE contains revelations from the immortal inhabitants of the higher spiritual realms (angels). If you would like to learn more of these immortal historians, this facinating description of them may be found in only one book in the world...OAHSPE!
Oahspe stands firm on the basis that there is an ALL PERSON of the universe, JEHOVIH. He is said to contain all things in his person. As an atom of water may exist in the ocean, so do all the living exist within the Creator. So also is it with life itself. He is the ALL Life, whilst each and all the living are but parts of Him. And the same may be said of Knowledge and Wisdom. He is the All of things, but they are the parts thereof. People who come to know Oahspe are to be Jehovians, worshipping the Creator only, and they shall be known by the name, FAITHISTS. They shall be anti-warriors, and shall practice religion instead of preaching it, working for others. Through them is the old competitive system of living superseded; armies and soldiers are to be dispensed with. Oahspe thus marks the beginning of the Kosmon Era, in which all people shall worship the Great I AM, JEHOVIH.


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Four Heads of the Beast
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