Stooge Fans' I.Q. Test!!


Think you can get 100% on this? These are all questions from my book "The Stooge Fans' I.Q. Test."


In what 1941 movie did this dialogue appear:
"I haven't seen you around."
"I ain't been around."
"In stir?"
"I was a victim of soicumstance! The D.A. framed me for not knowin' I was guilty! Ain't that a coincidence!"

a) Shadow of the Thin Man
b) Fat Chance, Your Honor
c) Dizzy Detectives


Which of these is real?
a) Shemp Hill, North Carolina
b) DeRita Butte, Montana
c) Besserville, Arkansas


In their first short, Womanhaters, the Stooges didn't use their familiar first names. What were their names in this film?
a) Manny, Moe and Jack
b) Jim, Joe and Jack
c) Hit, The Road and Jack


Moe wrote the first draft of Punch Drunks, the Stooges' second Columbia short. What were the names he chose for himself, Larry and Curly?
a) Moe, Larry and Curly
b) Bangs, Fuzzy and Curly
c) Prune, Broccoli and Onion

5. Moe used the terms "idiot," "imbecile," and "moron" interchangeably. But they don't mean the same thing. Put them in order of the stupidest!

6. Director Ed Bernds said that "The Three Stooges owed a great deal" to Joe Henrie, an "unsung hero." Joe was involved in most acts of violence the Stooges perpetrated, but he wasn't a stuntman. What was he?


One of The Three Stooges directors was immortalized in 1985 when a rock group took his name for their band. They recorded several albums. Who are they?
a) Jewels White
b) The Del Lords
c) Charley Chase

8. We all know that Curly was supposedly "Curly Q. Link," the "missing Link" nephew of Bob O. Link. Listen, detective, what was Curly Q. Link's middle name?

9. What was the immortal slogan of the Men in Black?

10. In 1935's Ants in the Pantry, Moe and Larry were playing cards. Someone said "Cut the deck," so Curly cleaved it in half with a hatchet. In 1932 another member of a famous comedy trio had used the same gag. Who?

11. He joined The Three Stooges, even though he had been a success on stage. Dorothy Killgallen wrote in Cosmopolitan, "The next comedian to hit the laughter jackpot of the nation in the manner of Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello is -----." Who drew the praise from Dorothy, and the prediction he'd "be larger than life on everybody's neighborhood screen."?

12. "Half Wits Holiday" is one of the boys' pie-throwing extravaganzas. Within five, how many pies (or substantial handfuls of pie) struck Moe, Larry, Curly and the "society" guests at the melee? Remember, we're counting every sloppy splat that scored a hit on someone's head, face, or bent over backside.

13. When Curly was knocked unconscious, Moe was usually concerned. He'd shout "Say a few syllables!" And if Curly didn't respond: "Utter a few ________!"

14. On January 4, 1982 this prestigious newspaper ran a headline on the FRONT PAGE proclaiming "The Three Stooges Are Riding a Wave of Adult Adulation." They said "The Evel Knievels of comedy" were big business, selling millions of bucks' worth of films and memorabilia! What money-minded paper broke this important story?

15. Gladys George valiantly ran an orphan asylum in the soft-hearted melodrama "Valiant Is The Word for Carrie." The title was switched for a soft-headed Stooge comedy. What was that title?

16. Bank robber Terry Hargan had a suit with the initials "T.H." But what did Shemp think the initials meant?

17. Why is August 30, 1983 an historic day for the Stooges? (Hint: It took place out on the street!)
18. In a rare literary reference in a Stooge short, a dowager(Symona Boniface) doesn't notice that Moe's just gotten rid of a pie by slamming it up into the ceiling. She tells the nervous Stooge, "You act as though ___ ___ of _______ was hanging over your head." You had no idea what it meant as a kid -- how about now? Fill in the blanks.

19. Jack Kerouac called this stooge "goofhaired, mopple- lipped, lisped, muxed and completely flunk." Which stooge was he talking about?

20. What was the last film Moe Howard ever made?


1. a) Shadow of the Thin Man, starring William Powell. The screenwriter must've lifted it as a Stooge tribute-- unless he was just a backbiter!
2. c) Besserville, Arkansas, named some 70 years ago by Leopold Besser, one of Joe's uncles!
3. b) Jim, Tom and Jack
4. b) Bangs (Moe), Fuzzy (Larry) and Curly (Curly)
5. .Medically, an idiot has the mentality of a 4 year-old, an imbecile has the mentality of an 8 year-old, and a moron doesn't progress beyond a 12 year-old mentality.
6. He was the sound effects man.
7. b) The Del Lords
8. Quff
9. "For Duty and Humanity"
10. Harpo Marx. He "cut the deck" with a hatchet in Horse Feathers.
11. Joe Besser
12. The correct answer: 22. A later Stooge short with Shemp, Pest Man Wins, re-used footage from Half Wits Holiday and added new pie fight scenes, yielding a total of 30 hits!
13. adjectives
14. The Wall Street Journal
15. Violent is the Word for Curly
16. Teddy Hoosevelt. See their film Rip, Sew and Stitch.
17. On August 30th 1983 the Stooges got their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you also knew that L.A.'s riotous mayor at the time, Tom Bradley, declared it "Three Stooges Day," then you're a really smart imbecile!
18. "The Sword of Damocles." Moe's response, of course, was "Lady -- you must be psychic!" Splat! It was a great moment in Half Wits Holiday, Pest Man Wins, etc. etc.. For all you students out there, Damocles was a wise guy who dared to speak out about his king's wealth. The king, Dionysius, had his own way of saying "you're living dangerously." He threw Damocles a party -- and Damocles was having a fine time, too. Until he looked up and saw that the king had placed a sword directly over his seat. And that sword was swinging mighty precariously from a fine hair. Make that a Fine hair!
19. Larry
20. Doctor Death in 1973