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I'm informally called Ron. Only one of my books is actually credited to "Ron Smith" (my Citadel tome, "Comic Support." My editor was so used to calling me Ron, he wrote it down for the front cover!)

Despite the problems with being a common Smith, many Ronalds don't mind making things worse by using the informal "Ron" without even a middle initial.

As you can see below, "RON SMITH" might refer to anyone from a punk rocker to a Sinatra imitator! So let's start with those two musical Ron Smiths and work our way down...

Here he is, RON SMITH the Frank Sinatra imitator:

And here, RON SMITH seen in his punk band (which one do you think he is?) and strummin' his guitar solo:


is a Frank Sinatra imitator. (Available for weddings, parties and supper club shows.)
From his promo material:

Ron Smith is considered by many to be one of the best imitators of the Sinatra style – capable of singing both "young" and "old" Sinatra (i.e.: Put your Dreams Away and Night and Day to NY NY). Normally, he's billed as "The East Coast's Leading Sinatra Vocalist" but in reality, Ron may be the best in the world.

Currently Ron is performing with a newly formed NJ group called "A Touch of Class" – Ron singing "Sinatra", C.A. Johnson singing "Streisand", and Ed Walters handling the sound system as well as obtaining the gigs. Recently, they have performed at the prestigious armory restaurant in Perth Amboy, NJ and Carlos Backyard in Woodbridge, NJ. Ron and C.A. also sing to the supper crowd every Saturday at Pepperheads Restaurant in Lawrence Harbor, NJ where they performed on New Year's Eve. The above gigs were obtained based on Ron's demo tape recorded by Dan Skye (former Bon Jovi bass player) at Skylab Studios in Roosevelt, NJ. A 5-minute audio "excerpt" is available on this website. Musical background is provided by CDs offering the "original big-band" arrangements used by Sinatra.

Ron says, "I'm a 'pale imitation' but hopefully one of the better 'pale imitations', if not the best. Mr. Sinatra as a popular singer will always be the master – far and away beyond all others (Como, Martin, Bennett etc.) and as you might expect, I spend hours on each song studying his phrasing, intonation, volume levels etc. in a vain effort to get close to the master's timeless rendition."

Some personal details about our Sinatra-impersonating Ron Smith:
Divorced, 3 children, 53 years old, 5'7", light brown hair, blue eyes, college degree in philosophy/economics, member of Mensa, computer executive for the past 25 years in major consumer goods companies. (i.e.: Director M.I.S. for Lifesavers/Beechnut Baby Foods; Vice President M.I.S. for Lever Brothers; Director, Marketing/Sales systems for Sunshine Biscuits.) In mid-1996, the Keebler company gave Ron the opportunity to pursue a singing career which he had wanted when he was in his early twenties.

Contact: Ron Smith, 336 Mayfair Place, Morganville, NJ 07751, (732) 617-9701
the website:


is known for singing with punk bands in Scotland. His website is:
Ron Smith's band is called PATROL, a Scottish punk band which formed in the late '70s and, with the exception of drummers, the lineup has remained:
Paddy Feechan - Vocals, arguing and swearing, Graham "Stewarty" Stewart - Bass, Backing Vocals, plumbing, Ron Smith - Guitar, Backing Shouting, and Jock Hart - Drums, Inappropriate use of drugs/booze

Patrol's original demo recordings from the 80's (and more) will be available soon on CD through the American label "Grand Theft Audio".

Some of the song titles Patrol has recorded include: "Unknown Soldiers" "Nurse Nurse" "SS Officer" "Don't Criticise" "Slut" and "Night Train To Russia"

Address: Ron Smith - 41 Earl Haig Avenue, Leven, Fife KY8 4EE (Scotland)

Ron has also recorded as a member of "Paisley Shirts."


in Cape Cod, designs furniture, some of it on display inside Pie In The Sky in Woods Hole. He says, "The selection of materials has always been an important component of art-making for visual artists. They are the tools that help us tell the story, define the ideas, and express the character of our work and ourselves...One of my personal concerns, when working in a furniture format, is to relieve the immediacy of the object as furniture in order to allow the message equal attention. Without ignoring the work's function or physical integrity, my concern for the message is that the materials selection, level of craft and function be an integral part of the concept and its visual integrity." Ron occasionally teaches workshops. A popular one is titled Whirly-Gigs: Simple Actions/Complex Stories. He also teaches sculpture and sculptural furniture. For more information about Ron and his work, you may call 508-540-1393. His Falmouth studio is open by appointment. Photos by Ned Manter. Optimized for the web by Juniper Graphics.

And here's one of his chairs:


is the author of several books on baseball, including this one.....

And speaking of authors, let's not forget the hobby-oriented Ron Smith who wrote this tome:

And there's also a comic book Ron Smith responsible for this 1989 effort:

And here's a little something from the sculptor Ron Smith:

The country music songwriter Ron Smith wrote the title track for this guy's album

Ron Smith was evidently a famous surfer! Here he is in an ad from a March 1965 issue of Surfer magazine:


runs and has a tourist attraction in oklahoma. He says "Beautiful South Grand Lake is located in the luscious rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma. Only a stone's throw away from Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas, Grand Lake provides you with the perfect opportunity to get away from it all....With nearly 1,300 miles of shoreline, Grand Lake is the premier waterpark of Oklahoma."


is the owner of RON SMITH KITCHENS, INC., in Ontario.

Don't forget the famous logo...

For almost twenty years, fine builders throughout Southwestern Ontario have been working with Ron Smith Kitchens Inc. to provide their customers with exceptional quality cabinetry.


is a hockey coach.

Formerly with the New York Rangers (1992-93), he is now Head Coach/General Manager for the Cincinnati Cyclones.

Ron Smith has the second-best winning percentage of any coach in the history of the Cyclones and is closing in on the record as winningest coach in team history.

A true take-charge Ron Smith, the year he arrived as Cyclones' head coach they posted a 51-22-9 (.677) record and won Cincinnati's first-ever division and conference regular season championships. At 53, Ron Smith directed the 1995-96 Cincinnati to club records in wins (51); road wins (27); points (111); winning percentage (.677) and fewest goals allowed (247).

Smith has been an assistant coach or associate coach with five different NHL teams: Toronto (assistant coach from 1976-78); Buffalo (assistant coach in 1980-81); Vancouver (associate coach from 1981-85 and associate coach from 1993-95); New Jersey (associate coach from 1986-88) and the New York Rangers (associate coach from 1989-91, then head coach in 1993).

In his playing days, Ron Smith was into baseball more than hockey. He played shortstop in the San Francisco Giants organization in the 1960's, where he was teammates with Bobby Bonds and Tito Fuentes.

Ron, and his wife, Patti, have two sons (Landry and Devin) and make their off-season home in Cambridge, Ontario.

Oh...and I guess he's NOT the hockey player Ronald Smith, who was evidently popular in the 60's. His collector card is worth a lotta money...



is the "Sink Strainer King!" He is credited with being the driving force behind the formation of the old OMHA "Hub League," and was born 1934 in Galt Ontario Canada ( same town as a couple of the hockey Ron's). He was quite the hockey player himself in his younger days. He moved to Toronto where he earned his sink strainer fame. Visit! Ron now winters in Vegas and plays with his vintage car collection, which can be seen throughout the pages of,


is a radio personality at WBAL in Baltimore. A year ago I discovered this famous radio Ron, and I asked him to send me a photo but he declined. An unsightly Ron Smith??
You can email him at:

His description of how he became known as "The Voice of Reason" in Baltimore: "A few years ago, I was chatting with WBAL-TV news director Dave Roberts, who was with a young lady visiting the station. He introduced me to her as the WBAL afternoon talk show host, very conservative but a "voice of reason." And this young woman looked at me and said, "I've always wanted to meet the Voice of Reason." That was that.

Now, our morning newscaster, Alan Walden, apparently had a different read on me, judging from the way he introduced me some years ago to the former Baltimore Police Chief, Neal Behan. He said, "Chief, I want to introduce you to Ron Smith, a man who believes in the Law of Entropy."That, as I'm sure you know, is the short hand title for the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which teaches us that, given time, all things decay. I can only conclude that Alan Walden thinks of me as the Voice of Decay. He said I was the gloomiest man alive. He apparently hasn't met Bob Dole.

There are those, mainly liberal, who dispute my nom deguerre, but they are a small band these days, and continue to dwindle in number, a fact I view as mightily encouraging. And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Allan Prell and I don't usually agree on things. Each regards the other as a reverse barometer, I suppose. We've been "tiffing" for years and no agreementis in sight that I know of.

RON SMITH ... the son of Sugar Ray Robinson (Sugar Ray's real last name was Smith!)


...declares: "I am famous in Mississippi for holding the most number of teaching certificates (22 areas). Also I recently wrote an E-rate grant for my small school district which received the largest funding in the state." You can reach this Ron Smith at:


writes a monthly cyber column about golf! He's at:


runs Oldies Music, a website and store. Ron says: " The music of the 50's, 60's and 70's holds a special memory for those of us who grew up with it. It was music you could sing along with, music you could dance to, music you fell in love with. Now, there's a special place for all of us who treasure-- Oldies Music!" website address:


is the mayor of a small town in the state of Washington.

Here's an article about him that ran in the Seattle Times by Sherry Grindeland:

Bellevue Mayor Ron Smith celebrated his 32nd birthday last Saturday. But the two women who found his wallet would probably think he still looks too young to be mayor. Smith recently helped his sister move. He wore sweats and was carrying his wallet in the front (and only) pocket.

As part of the move, Smith and a friend went to pick up new furniture at Redmond Town Center. Smith jumped in and out of the truck several times before they located the loading dock and got the furniture on the truck.

That's when he discovered his wallet was missing.

"I was running around, into the street and around the loading dock looking for my wallet," said Smith. "I was in a state of sheer panic." Two women and a store employee approached him. The women commented that Smith looked too young to be the mayor of Bellevue. "I was just jubilant she'd found my wallet," Smith recalled. "I told her I could hug her."

RON SMITH was a football player. As you see, he was on a pretty good team once.

RON SMITH appeared in Playgirl! This Ron Smith, a professional "woodsman," was Playgirl's Discovery of the Month. This was Playgirl, February 1974. Volume 1, #9. And no...NO PICTURE OF HIM ON THIS WEBSITE!


is the publisher of over 85 maps of Scotland!
He tells me he's based in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland and you can find out more about him at his own website: The website features tourist information, too.
He's employed part time by Glasgow City Council as a town planner, having obtained a planning degree at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh: "Most of my work there has been concerned with the regeneration and redevelopment of the well-known Gorbals part of the city. Glasgow City Libraries have published a Historical Guide to the Gorbals, amongst others written and compiled by me.
"In a voluntary capacity, I am the Secretary of the Linlithgow Civic Trust, an organisation charged with aims to safeguard and improve the environment amd attractions of the ancient Royal Burgh of Linlithgow. I am a passionate advocate of preserving the distinctiveness of Scottish architecture and townscape in the face of trends towards global 'modernism'."
And I think he's the only RON SMITH on the list who has TWO middle names (peter alexander).

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