What could be more heartbreaking than to come across an injured Froggy? After more than 50 years stuck in a drawer or buried in a closet, one of these Rempel rubber creatures emerges flattened out, deformed, and totally unlike his Froggy self.

You will feel compelled to do something, you will, you will. But what?

The best advice is to go to the nearest Doll Hospital (and bring Froggy with you). But there are some home improvements you can make on your own. If the paint's rubbed off you can use a bit of paint to give Froggy his eyes back, or shine his shoes. If the rubber is still flexible, you can perform some "surgery" to return him to shape. You can fill him with pea beans, bits of styrofoam, or other substances. You can go in by removing the squeaker or by doing a creative little slit at an unobtrusive location.

These are EMERGENCY procedures for a frog so far gone that he has virtually no value as is.

And if your frog is completely stiffened, you CAN make the rubber more supple, for a minute or two, by putting your gremlin in hot water, you can you can. Besides, he's used to being in hot water

You have to be very, VERY careful not to overcook.

Here's a poor frog who was frozen with his mouth shut. VERY aggravating.


The frog was placed in a pan of cool water, and when the first few bubbles appeared, he was ready. Definitely don't wait till the water boils!


Fished out, manipulated with rubber gloves, it was possible to push his belly back out a bit, manipulate the head so that the mouth was open again and the little tongue revealed. You may see a few little ripples near his him out with tongs was a slight mistake! They left their imprint. You have to be very gentle in getting him out of the water....



It's pretty easy to re-attach legs or hands. You just need to apply a bit of glue and ask Froggy to hold still, or lean on something...a tape dispenser, an Altoids box...

This little fellow had both legs off, but he had to take things one step at a time....

This is still a very, VERY imperfect Froggy, but he's feeling much better, he is, he is, and looks a lot more Froggy-like than he did before.

Oh...once he was all together, he fell over and knocked one of his hands off. It's always something, it is, it is...



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