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NYDBA is a creation of Tom Faglon.
Tom was a Software Engineer/DBA @ Bell Atlantic for the past 26 years. Mostly Mainframe IMS and DB2 Design/Development/Maintenance Two years of Consulting and Five years with IBM's Service Bureau Corp. round out the experience. I have been on the WEB since March 1st 1998 and am still learning about the WEB. The purpose of this site is to take advantage of the tremendous resources of the WWW and create a reference center for IMS- DB2 - HTML and Many other reference sites. Tom has retired from Bell Atlantic and is now working at Telcordia Technologies.
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Tom also developed a Web Site for his local Good Guys at River Road Tavern. Please visit it atRiver Road Tavern
Thanks for dropping by and send me an e-mail if you have any questions/comments - see my forms/scripts
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