What's up?

This page was made so that you could try and figure out what's been going on with the page. Instead of you wondering endlessly, or asking me endlessly, or so forth etc... when are things going to be updated and so forth, you can check here. For your convenience, I'll list a few questions and answers.

Q- Hey man, when is the page going to be updated? It's been like, forever!!!
A- I'm working on it, I'm working on it.. It'll happen. But if you're waiting for the next chapters of the current stories, I'd really suggest you join the mailing list. You can do so by emailing me (Racheld@aol.com).

Q- So if you're workin' on it...why is nothing changing? How come none of the stuff is posted right?
A- The Fab Fic website isn't all I do with my life guys! C'mon!
I have the hosting page too! (Grin) A lot of the stuff is in consideration, or it's not working yet, or I just never quite get around to it yet. Every once and a while I do need a reminder, but usually I'll get around to it with time. I'm very busy.

Q-uh huh, sure.
A-It's true!!

Q- Are you sure you aren't confusing "busy" with "too lazy to get off your butt and do something" ??
A- Of course not! I don't have to get off my butt to edit the webpage!

Q- So what you're saying is that if I give you an eternity, you'll update the page?
A- Uh.. it sounds so negative that way.

Q- But that's what you mean right?
A-Um... aren't their any other questions?

Q- Isn't this just like the FAQ??
A- I knew I'd seen something like it somewhere... Well, perhaps no one read the FAQ, you can't have enough info pages, ya know.

Q- Ok... fine, I'll read the FAQ... if you update this darn page!
A- Sounds fair. But one more thing, if you ever need to know why it's not updated. Look here. Ok? I'll try and post a reason.

Q- Fine. Great. Now just go do some work on this page!!
A- Ok. One more thing, check the upcomming attractions page for new and upcoming additions to the page.

Q- Fine. Ok. Now GO!!
A- There's a link to it on the main page.

Q- GO!!
A-I'm going... I'm going... sheesh.. I can tell when I'm not wanted.. all I did was make this entire thing, but what thanks do I get? I get kicked off of my own page.. what a world what a world.. I weep for our generation.. brave new world that has such people in it...

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