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Here are some sneak peaks at stories that will be published in the newsletter. All of them shall be written by JPamLennon@aol.com.

Note: The All You Need Is Love Trilogy has been reduced to two parts: "Across The Universe" and "Paradise In Pepperland." It is essentially the same story; I've found, however, reducing it to two books makes for a better story.

Part One (Dawn): Across The Universe

The Gem Universe (Gem Realm) is in peril. A powerful Water Master desires to destroy the Realm by flooding and freezing it. A nineteen-year-old Mentor named Diane recruits the Beatles and gives them the four, other elemental powers (John: Sky, Paul: Wind, George: Fire, Ringo: Earth) in order to bring peace back to the Realm.

But an unusual twist of fate and movement of the stars rips apart the four remaining elements, and the final battle becomes a test of true friendship ...

Part Two (Twilight): Paradise In Pepperland

Perhaps the most ironic title of the series--this journey is no paradise. While trekking through the unknown territories of Pepperland, a new band (the incarnation of the new definition of the Fab Four) must fight for justice before their entire psychic balance is tipped and lost forever.

Crying, Waiting, Hoping

George has found the angel of his dreams; he knows in his heart that she's the only one for him. But one broken promise, one unfortunate mischance can lead to the end of their beautiful relationship ...

The Chaos Love Creates

The Beatles have just been voted Best Rock Group of the Year (1964) and each Beatle received an award for being the best at their instrument. Yet the talent of an enigmatic, amateur bass player named "Sonny O'Neill" outshines Paul, who is now none too happy about the competition. Not only is this a story about Paul's one-sided, battle against Sonny, but also about the battle within Paul himself once he discovers more about the true identity of the better bass player.

(Short story) Do You Believe In Magic?

Magic really isn't John's forte, and poor George has to be his assistant: always loyal, but knowing things don't work out as they should. Once Ringo and Paul doubt the existance of magic though, unexpected events surrounding the Beatles have them thinking twice.

Neo-Paradox Complex

A new, corrupt system of government is demanding that all people with talent(artists, poets, and yes, musicians) sign away their right to create. Rumor has it that those who disobeyed the law have already "disappeared" ... To make matters worse, intertwined in this story is conflict: Rebelling or succumbing, risking or hesitating, and more importantly, differentiating between reality and dreams ...

But there is that "terrorist" alliance of rock musicians who could be the reason for the recent explosions at local, government buildings ...

It's the fight to survive, and the only way to survive is the fight back.

Beatle Like An Icon

1980: A young girl finds a little, black book belonging to none other than Paul McCartney. She opens the book, and it turns out to be a journal, dating back to 1965. Paul, writing in first person, openly conveys his emotions to the journal as he "retells" the true, tragic, love story behind the true meaning of the song, "Biker Like An Icon."

Beatles X/1965: Their Destiny Was Undetermined

This story is a cross-over between the Beatles and "X" (also known as "X/1999" in the west), a Japanese animation series by CLAMP. The entire title of the anime series is "X: Their Destiny Was Foreordained." Two pages will be put up: one to describe the story of X and each character from the anime, and one for the story itself.

Fourteen-year-old Yuzuriha Nekoi has travelled back in time with her friends, Arashi Kishu and Sorata Arisugawa, to see the Beatles in concert. But some of the evil Dragons of Earth, who lost the Battle of the Earth in 1999 against the Dragons of Heaven, have decided to attack again, but this time, they have something special in mind for their opponents ...

The Beatles are just innocent bystanders in this situation ... or are they?

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