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Fab Fiction's FAQ page
1) Who are you?

Pam- Hiya! I'm Pam, a sixteen year old (date of birth: 1/27/83) who is so in *love* with the Beatles! (John's my favorite. ///-o-o-\\\) =) So one of the best ways to show my love for them (I already listen to them 24/7 and play every one of their songs on the keyboard) is writing these gear little stories about them! =) It really is so much fun for me! =)

Rachel- I'm Rachel, I'm 14 years old, (date of birth: 2/25/84) and my favorite Beatle is Paul. I love Beatle fan fictions, writing and reading them. I have some rather *interesting* thoughts on a lot of things, so try not to let what I say sometimes throw you. I'm especially good at writing (and talking) myself into corners.

2) What exactly is Fab Fiction?

Pam- Fab Fiction is a newsletter that reveals chapter by chapter, both mine and Rachel's fab stories. It's really cool! It comes out every 1st and 15th of the month, and the website is always updated a little after each release date. =)

Rachel- Yeah, I'd say it's pretty cool...

3) What's your favorite story that you've read (not written by Pam or Rachel!!)?

Rachel- Tough question. I'd have to say that my favorite story was "May your Song Always Be Sung" by Anna. But now I want to say that I love "With Strings Attached," "Our Generation" and almost all the things done by Ate and Fab. There are a lot of things that I've read that I like. Plus, most authors are really nice people, so you can email them about their stories and they'll say at least "thanks."

Pam- Well, I really love the stories "With Strings Attached" and "Into My Life." They are both so well written, the characters seems so real, and the styles of writing the two, very talented authors portray are awesome! =)

4) If I only have time to read one of your stories, which one do you recommend?

Rachel- Of my stories, I'd say start off with "Mirror Image." Personally, I think it's got the best plot line by far and it continues to gather speed.

Pam- For now, it would have to be "Norwegian Snow (This Beatle Has Flown)." I feel that I have grown as a writer, and that "Norwegian Snow" is the best story of mine so far. I have more upcoming stories though, and I think they'll be *better* than "Norwegian Snow." =) I would recommend, for *upcoming* fan fics, all of them, but the ones that I think are the best are "To Know Her Is To Love Her" and "Across The Universe." =)

5) Why should I join this, and how can I?

Pam- If you want the latest news about what the Lads are up to in the land of fan fic, this is the best place to stop by! We are really dedicated to writing Beatle fan fics, and provide our greatest work for you to see. You can join our little club by emailing either or telling us that you'd like to join! That's all there is to it! =)

Rachel- Why? Well, we update on a regular schedule, a thing not many places do. Even though the issues are a ways apart, they come out on time. Both Pam and I are thrilled to be doing this, and we love it, so we continually do as much and the best that we can for it. You can join by emailing either one of us.

6) Can you guys host my story?

Pam- About hosting, I'll turn you over to my friend, Rachel, who is our Fab Fiction webmaster! =) I'm sure she'll be happy to answer your question! =)

Rachel- Well friend fellow fanatics, I'm happy to say that we're working on it. I'm trying to make another page for hosting, then we have to see if, and, if any, who want something hosted. But the big picture is that sometime in the *very* near future, we hope to have a hosting page up where we'll host homeless Beatle Fan Fictions, and an art gallery for Beatle-oriented artists who want their stuff up on the web. If you are interested in submitting anything, look out for the new hosting page. (I'll tell the people on the mailing list when it is up)

7) What's coming next for this page?

Rachel- Billions of things! In the future that is. As many things as Pam and I dream up that we can learn how to put on the page. Any suggestions?

Pam- The page keeps getting updated every time Fab Fiction comes out, so about every two weeks, there are new chapters posted. In addition to that, as I have said before, I have some new fan fics that will be released after "Norwegian Snow." =) So those will be added to the page once they are released. =) You can answer the Poll questions and sign the guestbook too, if you haven't already, and if you like. Thanks. =)

8) When do you update this page?

Pam- A day or two after Fab Fiction is sent to people on the mailing list. I think, personally, it's easier to just join the mailing list. Then you can always check the page later for previous chapters and all. =)

Rachel- Right, I'll usually update it the day after it's sent out. (Email me if you find any HTML mistakes) I add other things (like the poll and this FAQ) when I get the chance.

9) I'm a new writer, any tips?

Rachel- Praise to a writer is sun to a flower. Save frequently and well. Never throw anything out. If someone says something bad about your story they aren't *always* an idiot. :) If you stand in a downpour waiting for the rainbow, you'll have get wet in the process. Don't quit just before the miracle. Sometimes a story has to collapse completely to work. Compliment other people-- It doesn't cost a thing, and it does wonders for their self-esteem. Genius springs from Chaos. If you've got writing, it should be out there. There's something good about even the worst stories. Pam, maybe you've got some more... useful advice? :)

Pam- Practice, experience, and acceptance! =) Practice writing stories. Eventually you'll be able to create your own style of writing that you'll be comfortable with, and it makes writing much more enjoyable. Experience other fan fics; read 'em! Ask lots of questions to yourself when you're reading them, like "How is this fic better than mine?" From what you learn, you can apply to your own writing. And acceptance of others' opinions! =) If someone doesn't like your story, try to find out why, and see how, later on, you won't make that same mistake. Compliments are always nice, and *thank* the people who give them to you! =) And there is always room for improvement, even for great writers! Stay optimistic about writing; it's for fun! =)

10) So, is there anything else you want to say? I came all the way here, and there's only ten questions, so I'd like it if you'd say something in closing.

Rachel- Just because someone doesn't email you with praise doesn't mean they don't like your story. It only means that they don't want to spend the two minutes it takes to send a comment. I've found that, to get a story, sometimes you just have to let it take you where it wants to go. It may not be in the direction you wanted, but take a chance and see where it leads you. Some of the best things were written after the entire plot had been distroyed and replaced. No matter what happens, there's always a way to work yourself out of a situation. Sometimes you just need a little help to do it. Thanks to all you people who came to the page!! Love ya! ~Rachel

Pam- Thanks for reading this FAQ page! =) If you have any more questions about anything, whether it be about Fab Fiction, the Beatles (yeah!), or writing, don't be afraid to drop me a line at =) Please continue to read and enjoy Fab Fiction; it makes me really happy that people actually like/love what we write! =) So thank you so much once again to all the faithful readers, and I am truly grateful for the readers who *do* drop me a line. I appreciate your opinions. =)
Peace, love, and the Beatles! Keep the Beatle faith!
Tomorrow Never Knows, Pam ///-o-o-\\\

"Life's like a movie, make your own ending. Keep beliving. Keep pretending. We've done just what we set out to do. With the lover, the dreamer and you."
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