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My comic book collection was started by me in the early 50's. Acquisitions were mostly at the corner store by me off the rack. Some losses were suffered by my Mom's "generosity" with my stuff. Miraculously, many survived this past half-century in decent condition . If I had known what VF's bring at auction today, I would have taken more care.

Judging by what's "in the stack", my faves were Uncle Scrooge, Tom & Jerry, and Little Lulu.

I am not an expert. Gradings offered are my best effort based on the summary you can link to on the left. Consequently, please e-mail me with any questions or clarification requests.

No comic will receive a VG rating from me if I'm not comfortable holding the magazine withour concern over damaging it from normal handling.

E-mail Marc

I will try to maintain a listing of my eBay history, current auctions and remaining inventory at the "inventory" link on the left.

Thanks, and good luck.