The Coaster Cool Lost Coasters Page
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The Coaster Cool Lost Coasters Page

New coasters are coming up in abundance now, but sometimes due to powers beyond our control, parks go out of business, and their coasters just sit there, often until they are either blown up or fall down. A few lucky ones like the Great Escape Comet, Knoebel's Phoenix, Adventure World's Wild One were saved from possible demolition. I have some picture links at the bottom of this page to see either demolitioned or SBNO (standing but not operating).

Here's a list of some coasters in the past few years that were either demolished or are SBNO.

Lead the Dips- this is the oldest coaster on Earth at the moment, it is located at Lakemont Park in Altoon, PA, and the park is very commited to save the coaster! Lakemont also has Skyliner, a wooden coaster, Tobaggan, a small steel, and Mad Mouse, a great wild mouse ride where you enter through a mouses mouth!

Mister Twister a Wildcat- Mister Twister is a SBNO at the Old Elitch Gardens, in Wheat Ridge Colorado, near Denver, this coaster and it's partner, Wildcat are great, so good that Mister Twister was on the top ten list for YEARS, and they made a replication of it at new Elitchs

Jackrabbit, Wildcat, and one other- This Idora Park triplet were wonderful, all 3 are SBNO, but Wildcat has structural damage.

Coaster- Located at another Ohio SBNO, Chippewa Lake, I hope this treaure is saved.

Jumper (West Point, PA), Red Streaker (Willow Mill), Kiddie Dips (Kennywood), Zingo (Bell's), Ravine Flyer (Waldameer)- these 4 coasters are all in Storage at their parks, Waldammer is considering reconstructing Ravine Flyer, Red Streaker was said to be bought by some Park, Kiddie Dips is rumored to be reconstructed for Kennywood's 100th year next year, but I doubt it since there's so little land available.

Roller Coaster-Playland in Vancouver is said to be bought by the gov't for a new office building, and Playland will have to move, where they said they'd make a copy of it (All I have to say is the awfulness of Twister II).

Big Dipper, Lil' Dipper, Camden park- this park and coasters are all still up and running, but it is in danger of going out of business, don't let this go out!

Comet (lincoln Park), Thunderbolt (Coney Island)-both of these are SBNO and are in danger of becoming extinct.

Comet (Rocky Glen), Shooting Star (Lakeside), Flyer (CNExhibition), Speedway (eldridge Park), Valley Volcano (Angela park), Coaster (Harvey's Lake), Tornado (Panama City Fla.), Mountain Flyer (Mountain Park)-All recently demolished :-(

Lost coaster Pics

The Rye Playland Aeroplane, built in the early part of this century was a beautiful coaster
Ahh... The Crystal Beach Cyclone the most infamous coaster ever! This circa 1930 coaster was built at Crtstal Beach in Canada, on the same land where the 2nd cyclone, which is now the Great Escape Comet was. This is the only coaster EVER to have to have a full time nurse on duty on the unloading platform!
This picture shows the Idora Park Jackrabbit, in Ohio, it was built in 1927 and is still standing, but not operating. I sure hope someone saves this coaster!
This beautiful Cyclone was built in the 1920's
This unusual ride was open in the early 20th centiry at Coney Island
The Lakeside Tickler is another unusual ride, and was the precursor to the Wild Mouse, and the even more modern, Crazy Mouse.
This is the Wildcat another SBNO from Idora Park in Ohio, this coaster has structural damage, unfortunately. I hope this one is saved, too.
This is the Big Dipper from Jefferson Beach. It was designed in 1927 by John Miller.
The Coney Island Thunderbolt was designed in 1925 by John Miller, and is the little brother of the famous Coney Island Cyclone (which opened in 1927). It is SBNO, and has a ton of grass along the track, from what I hear this will be moved and saved soon.
Another picture of the CI Thunderbolt
This is a pic of John Miller's Big Dipper at Gordon Gardens. Gordon Gardens was open for 25 yrs. but closed because it couln't compete against the bigger parks of the area. It closed in 1927 when their dance hall buned down
John Miller-Coaster Designer webpage