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There's original music being made everywhere. However, for many independent acts it is near impossible to be heard outside of their region. Joining this e-mail group will make that easier. This is a list for people who enjoy music that's off the beaten path. Many of who are probably familiar with, and appreciate their local music scenes. The intention of this list is to bring together the regional music scenes of each of its members. Members will be frequently involved in trading tape mixes representative of their local scenes and sharing the word about "what's happening locally" (with the rest of the world). This list will be highly beneficial to music fans who enjoy hearing (and possibly heading out to see) what they arn't hearing otherwise, and it's also helpful for bands and artists looking to swap gigs, tour, or to find out where they should promote themselves. The list also features a website including profiles on each member (each member who creates a profile). My goal is to keep this list as efficient and active as possible, and also as a great place for music fans to meet.

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I hope you'll consider becoming a localmix member.
If you have any questions, contact me at .
Thank you. Kelly Marie, localmix list manager.

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