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The Perfect Curly Pup!

This "Curly" will never shed, pee or barf on the carpet or require veterinarian visits. It won't chew the woodwork, get in the trash or totally destroy grandma's knickknacks. It never requires training or crating when you're away. It won't jump on your guests or sleep on your couch when you're not looking. It never needs exercise, can be ignored for long periods of time without it barking or whining at you for attention. It will never play in its water dish or confuse the bath tub as its own personal swimming pool. Plus, its one of those ever popular "miniature Curlies" that seem to be so in demand lately.

If you're looking for the perfect Curly Coated Retriever puppy, then this is what you should get............A stuffed animal.

If you however, know that puppies/dogs shed, pee or barf, chew, trash surf, need training to become a good canine citizen, crating when no one can watch it, jump on people unless trained differently, attention and exercise from its people, loves to play in water (including the water dish and mud puddles), weights 60-90# full grown, grows to be about 25 - 27 inches in height, takes about 3 years to fully mature, mentally as well as physically..........then you might be ready for a real Curly puppy.

Curlies are wonderful pets, but they aren't for everyone. Please research this breed before buying one.

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$19.95 ($5.50 Shipping and Handling)
Cathy Lewandowski
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan NY 13327

About the Book

Follow a litter of puppies from birthday until they go to their new homes. The diary contains lots of pictures, tips on puppy rearing, some breed specific information, and lots of information on the care of any breed of dog.

I started doing an on-line puppy diary since many of the people that would be getting one of my pups would not be able to travel here to see the pups. I did not want to put a bunch of cute puppy pictures online, and encourage anyone to have a litter just because they wanted to see cute puppies! Breeding dogs, if done the right way, is a lot of work. Lost sleep and sometimes heartache. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to raise a litter of puppies. Once I started doing The Puppy Diary, I realized I had a captive audience. These people logged on every day to see the pictures, and read what was happening. I used this opportunity to cram as much education into each day as I could. Health, Coat issues, grooming, feeding, socializing, vet care, puppy evaluations, shipping puppies.... you name it! I tried to put it in The Diary. It was suggested that I make it into a book. Well here it is! There are 560 pictures and over 300 pages of living with and watching one litter grow up.

I am sure may conscientious, caring breeders raise litters similar to the way I do. Its is a good look into the time, money, commitment it takes to bring up a litter of pups. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes, that the eventual puppies owners (family), never realize go into the litter. Enjoy my litter as I see them. Day to day


Chapter One (Week One) ... Page 1

Seger comes into season
Happy Birthday!
Removing the Dewclaws
Start of the Bio Sensor program

Chapter Two (Week Two) ... Page 48
Coat issues.
Tail Gland Hyperplasia
Do Curlies Shed?

Chapter Three (Week Three) ... Page 94
End of Bio Sensor Exercises
Worming The puppies
Eyes are open
First pup escapes from the box

Chapter Four (Week Four) ... Page 130
Weaning. The great food fight!
Introduction to the puppy play room
Shark Cage

Chapter Five (Week Five) ... Page 156
Field dog? Show Dog? CPE?
Happy Mothers Day!
First Stacked pictures

Chapter Six (Week Six) ... Page 195
Toys! Toys! Toys!
What’s In A Name?
Kids and Dogs
Introduction to Wings

Chapter Seven (Week Seven) ... Page 236
About Puppies and Retrieving
Socialize your puppy
First Shots & Vet Visit
Splish Splash, first bath!

Chapter Eight (Week Eight) ... Page 286
Shape up or ship out!
Requirements to ship puppies
See all the pups!

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