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The International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club (ILEOSC) is an organization set up to support Freemasons around the world who are also charged to maintain domestic peace. We have periodic meetings via the internet, a membership roster - wherein addresses, phone numbers, and Email addresses are available to other members - and provide a network for Law Officers to communicate and trade information relative to Freemasonry and their profession.

The ILEOSC came about one day when Sheriff's Sergeant and Brother Ron Evans (a.k.a Pathfinder) of the Hendry County Florida USA Sheriff's Officer ran into Officer and Worshipful Brother Mark G. Dibelka of the Rochester New York USA Police Department in the "East Gate" chat forum at the Global Fraternal Network. Bro. Evans thought it would be a good idea to set up a group of Lawmen who were also members of the Global Fraternal Network (by definition, therefore Master Masons) in a manner which would bring about fellowship within the fraternity we love, as well as promote the transfer of professional information and Criminal Intelligence between men who would normally have not met. W:. Dibelka felt that a webpage would be an appropriate way to centralize information, and being familiar with square clubs, felt that rather than have a disorganized group of people, we would pull together as a club. The ILEOSC now maintains a webpage and Email address (complete with mailing list of members).

Membership is open to any regular Master Mason (defined as having been raised in a jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of New York) who is or has been a Law Enforcement Officer (municipal department, federal organization, military police, corrections, etc.) and has access to the internet. Access to the internet is essential to membership, as we developed from the Global Fraternal Network ( and all members of the ILEOSC are also to be able members of the Global Fraternal Network, who verify Masonic affiliation, and where we gather for our meetings.

Still curious, or want to join? Please contact ##fill in your information here##, or the ILEOSC at: