Some KRANKIN people I know
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Some KRANKIN people I know

A big HELLO/HALLO/ to all the COOL/KULT people I have met in the chats! You know who you are! MB(¿gutes bier¿), MEPHISTOPHELIA(very smart!), ANGELA(have you finished cutting down that forest yet?), BREDEL(american football fan!;)), MYRMIDON(KRANKIDON), NoN SERVIAM(lawyer jokes NoN!), NADINA(KULT), WITCHHUNTER( finish that song yet?), ARGENT(hexen2), ALEXA, TECHNOS(quick smoke?), ALICIA, WEBMASTER(osiris), SHELIA(ooops! I mean SHEILA!), CHUNK,DEMON und SAKIRA(german/english lessons), BRIAN(tourist info!), DICKY(thrash dude!), TROLL, BROECKEL(been on any walks lately?), ERIK, MISA(russian phone lines), GENERAL ASMODI(lets kill azzabat!), SKITZO(dude!), WITCHBLADE(dudette!), THAGOTH(hell is where?), VITUS(psychotic waltz) More soon!.........

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†Beware! Turn Back!†
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