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My name is Dan Kerrigan, I am an 18 year old freshman at Boston College. The most important thing I own right now is my driver's license and it took me 3 road tests to get it. This link is a little guide to who will pass you and under what conditions out of the road testers in Goshen. Generally, I like to act in plays (being that I'm a theater major), the most recent of which has been Mondays Are Murder which I also wrote. I got a chance to do my Regis Philbin impersination for that one. Now I am in The Sacred Heart Players production of Brigadoon. Previous productions from Sacred Heart that I participated in have been Bye Bye Birdie and Annie. Other plays that are of importance to me have been The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion), The Diary of Anne Frank (Mr VanDaan), and Camelot (Merlyn).

Music is a large part of life. My favorite types of music are punk and ska. This is my crappy music page entitled East Bumblefunk. For those of you who are really interested in music, I am providing a link to the music page of Dave Ross (one of my amigos.) This is because his page and mine are somewhat similar-compare and contrast or whatever the hell else you want to do. East Bumblepunk. I like to be a mallrat, jump on my trampoline, play basketball, baseball, and football among other sports-Golf and bowling are not sports but they are activities that I like to partake of. I used to collect Star Wars toys here and there, and I have an empty lot's worth of baseball cards that will one day make me some serious cash. My favorite place to go is Six Flags Great Adventure for the thrill rides (I get a season pass every year).

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