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Juan Pablo's Tattoo Parlor!

Welcome to Juan Pablo's, my little kitten! How's life? Me, I'm hangin in there! Just so y'all know, my name is Laurie, not Juan Pablo. I am not impersonating anyone named Juan Pablo who gives tattoos! :) I mean not to offend anyone, for I believe I am one with all!

Well, this is really my 1st big adventure into a real web page, so it may not be too awful great. I'm constantly working on it, so maybe one day it will be ok!

Oh yeah! I almost 4got! Some of the links may b screwed up. The All About Me page was shot 2 pieces! :( Oh well! Just so y'all know!

Here! Sign the guest book, ya crazy moose!

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Sausage Links! Bacon Bits!

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