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Gurgel's own OASIS

Gurgel's own OASIS

This is my personal homepage about one of my favorite bands, the britpopband from Manchester, Oasis. The combination of Liams excellent voice and Noels exeptional songwriting talent is something that no band can compare with. And their perfect bandimage isn't something that they use just to get attention, that is the way they are, people just don't want realize that. But not the real fans, we love everything about Oasis, and I'm sure that they will continue their journey on the sea of fortune.
On this page you'll find alot of stuff about the band and the members and the lyrics and tabulature to alot of the songs. And most of all, alot of good pictures.
Practice safe surfing!

Oasis band members

  • Liam Gallagher- vocals
  • Noel Gallagher- guitar and vocals
  • Paul Arthurs- guitar
  • Paul McGuigan- bass
  • Alan White- drums

If you are looking for lyrics, this is the place...

Definitely Maby

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