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Ladies and Gentlemen, HELLO, and welcome to the official web page of the "REAL DEAL" Joel Davis,and weighing in at 214 lbs from Atlantic City, NJ, the "REAL DEAL" Joel Davis. Joel Davis has established himself in many organizations such as the I.W.C.C.W, where he first debuted as a pro,The late great "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble booked Joel Davis in his very first match in 1991 on October 25 in Leconia, New Hampshire for the I.W.C.C.W - Joel Davis then went onto the Mountain Wrestling Association,and also Coastal Pro Wrestling, where he held the Coastal Pro Jr. Heavyweight Championship, Green Mountain Wrestling, where in 96 The "Real Deal" Joel Davis won the 25- man G.M.W Royal Rumble and also hosted the Danger Zone with bodyguard Bull Montana. Now currently in NWA/New England, where in 1996 he was on a undefeated streak, and Regional Championship Wrestling. Joel Davis in total has wrestled for 15 different independent organizations competitively in MA,CT,RI,VT,ME,NH,NY,KY,and PA

Joel Davis started his pro-training at "Killer" Kowalski's on Feb. 5, 1991, he then made his professional debut on Oct. 25, 1991 in Laconia, NH against the 432 pounder "Irish Farmboy" Muffet. He then contacted U.S.W.A star "Superstar" Bill Dundee and traveled to Kentucky where he stayed and trained with one half of the tag team of former U.S.W.A tag-champions,PG-13, J.C. "Ice Baby". On Dec. 15, 1991 in Bowling Green, Kentucky the Mountain Wrestling Association hosted The "REAL DEAL" Joel Davis teaming with Chris Michaels -vs- The Hit Squad. Since his arrival into the squared circle in 1991 The "REAL DEAL" Joel Davis has established himself in many organizations and has done battle with many superstars over the past 10 years, superstars that include "KING KONG" Bundy, Kevin Sullivan, Samu Samoan #3, Public Enemy- Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock, The Eliminators Perry Saturn and John Kronus, Scott Taylor, Justin Credible, D.C. Drake. Joel Davis has been with the C.W.A./NWA New England since March 95, and has had some of his toughest matches against C.W.A./NWA New England competitors such as Jay Kobain, Chris Blackhart,Big Dog Dave Marino, and many others.

Joel Davis has done numerous of good deeds for the Hospice Outreach, Jimmy Fund and many other organizations. He has also found many new friends over the years who have been loyal to him- one which is a DJ with the same persona as the Real Deal Joel Davis, he is such a fan that he uses "The REAL DEAL" Joel Davis nickname on the radio. Although you can't forget there's only one "REAL DEAL" as in Joel Davis- "D"as in Dangerous, "A" in arrogant, "V" for vicious, "I" in irrisistable, "S" for satisfaction for all the pretty ladies.

The "REAL DEAL" Joel Davis credentials

-Master of the "Full House" *

-93 Boston Herald personality of the year*

-former C.P.W. Jr. champion*

-Eastern tag-team champion*

-former C.W.A./NWA-N.E. cruiserweight champion*

-RCW Tag-Team Champion with Chad Austin*

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