How To Buy CRACK

Don't try to justify why you want to smoke crack cociane.One puff and you will realize you don't want it, you need it.Using the tips below,you'll be able to go you and treat yourself to some tonight. First, you need to find out were in your city you can buy crack.If your city has a street names Martin Luther King Blvd., that's were you'll find it.Crack doesn't generally walk up and bite you on the ass.,so once within the boundaries of crack country,you need to idenitfy a crack dealer.A crack dealer is someon who sells crack.At first,they appear invisible, but soon you will realize they are as conspicous as a yard sale in broad daylight.The average crack dealer is an akwardly dressed, sketchy African American.He may smell and look scary but don't be intimidated, he wants to meet you more than you, he. Casually, but with purpose, approach the subject. Once you are within earshot,use the universal code that says you are interested in buying crack:"What's Up?".If you are like me, and tend to forget phone numbers and the like, write it on your wrist,in pen. A real crack dealer will respond with: "Whatcha Need?". If the subject responds with something like: "Uh,nothing"; you have accidently engaged in conversation with a complete stranger in the middle of the night.If it is a crack dealer you are conversing with, by all means tell him what you need.Don't call it crack. They like it when you refer to it by other means. You,too will soon enjoy the delightfull play of words that surronds this mysterious drug. The more eclectic name you use for the drug, the slimmer your chances of getting ripped off are. Some clever ones that always earn respect are: Rock Ready Rock Rocky Rock Rock Grrr-rock and even Poo Poo Ca Ca Next, you have to engage in a bit of haggling to determine a price that it fair to the both of you. Always be polite because you are entering a new lifestyle that will ALWAYS require the assistance of a crack dealer.Thank the crack dealer for his help and retire to a dark alley or curtianed den to smoke your crack.Enjoy. Next month:How to liquidate your furniture to support your habit.

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