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A Little About Us...

Iota Sigma Epsilon, established in April 1982, is the only diversified sorority at Pace NYC. We are not your average sorority. We dedicate ourselves to excellence and to the recognition of the feminine strength that lies in every woman. Iota Sigma Epsilon was established with three ideas in mind:


The sisters of ISE have continually strove to commit themselves to the cause of Breast Cancer - a disease that affects every woman. Since one of the Founding Sisters passed away from it, breast cancer has become the main focus of our sorority. We dedicate ourselves to finding a cure for it.

Our work has enriched all of our lives and have proven that we, as a sorority, are a positive force to those around us. We are currently activating our Beta Chapter @ Polytechnic University in downtown Brooklyn as well. Those who wish to make a difference are invited to join.