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I have been in Sydney for over a year now and I thought i should update the page with a few pics from here. Sydney is really fantastic. Sometime i feel i want to go back to Melbourne coz supporting yaself while studying full time is damn hard but other people can do it so why can't i? Anyways enjoy!

Firstly We have the MARDI GRAS. Or should i say the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Sydney has the second highest gay population in the world, it seems a fit place to have the annual Mardi Gras and it simply rocks! It's funny seeing all the straight girls holla at the buffed gay guys and the straight guys drooling over almost nekked lesbian wimmin running around. Even the homophobic attend this event! (which is good coz they need an education)

Hooray for the MARDI GRAS! Here i am standing in between two King Tut's on Oxford Street in Sydney during the 2000 Mardi Gras!

This is me being stupid basically. I was standing on a bucket trying to look out onto the parade street, (coz there was something like 600,000 roaming the streets) and i couldn't see for shit. So i bopped around as best i could ontop of this bucket and acted like a general idiot :)

Drag queens! (and me of course) i wanted to take a pic with some of the really flamboyant drags running around, one had this huge peacock dress on and well u can picture it. Instead my cousin and i could only grab a pic with two not-so-great-but-fabulous-anyway drag queens.

This is how we spend our afternoons at Uni, on a jumping castle!

From left to right is my very good friend (and taxi driver) Nick, then John and Steph who all do the same course as i do at Uni. We ran to the dodgems after this and got sufficiently bruised and wiplashed.

This is my awesome friend and clubbing partner Ivan with Rachel at a sydney night club. Ivan is simply the coolest. love yah babe!