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I've met sum wonderful peeps in Melbourne for the short time i was there and this is a shout to them....

This is me (blonde) and Lena (brunette) waving matches because we were a bit tipsy at Eliza's birthday party. Shouts to ya Lena, thanx for all the lifts ya gave me (all 2 or 3 of them) to and from school. OH and we gotta take another half and hour drive down to Hampton just to get an Art file heeeeeeheheheh!

This is me, Lena and Eliza at her 18th again, standing up. We set the camera up on atuo and i bent down coz i though my head'd be chopped off.

Lizz thanx for ya friendship, last year was hard, u made it a hell of a good time *grins*

And lastly this is Reuben. He gonna kill me for putting this pic up but i had to do it. Rubelllll me an u caught train together like almost everyday. to and frum school, u with ya crazy Ska musak, tried to diss my R&B/Rap the first day i saw ya. *grins* I'll be on the 8:15am but will u???

Steven features on my speshil page, he is more than i could ever ask for in a friend, gorgeous, educated, stylish and rich! hahahaha! And lisa, unfortunatly i don't have a scanned photo of her yet, but when i do she'll be here to. Love you!