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This is a dedication to a dear friend of mine called Naysal. He wasn't too close to me at the beginning of highschool but towards the end we grew closer than can be ever imaginable. After moving to Perth I learned he had been killed in a car accident, his brother driving whilst he was high on who knows what.

Your eyes brown, hair silky black, that yella skin and that name which i laughed at when i first saw ya with Selam. Who would have guessed that my friend would be taken from me, just when i missed him the most.

"last night i spent another lonely christmas, darlin baby, you, should have been there. coz of all the ones i dream about, you are the one that makes my love shout, see, you are the only one i cared for..."--- Prince (Another Lonely Christmas)

This one is for you Naysal. It has been hard knowing i wasn't there, lord knows what i could have done, but now you smiling down on me, hopefully guiding me to happiness which maybe one day will be shared with you up there.

"When we are born we cry and the world rejoices. When we die the world crys and we rejoice."

Hopefully you are rejoicing up there and like Tupac says make sure it's popping for when we come along bwoy! This one's for you baby, with all my love...