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This is me from my portfolio at Regal modelling agency. i dunno how the hell to make it smaller. if anyone knows can they drop me a line in the guestbook? it looks stupid being so large.

Let's see... for a brief description of myself i have dark blonde hair, now fairly light blonde thanx to dye, green eyes and i am about 5'8. Nationality wise i am Bosnian, i live in Australia but i feel my heart lies in the Slavic ways of life, much to my mothers dislike (*grin*). I lived with my grandparents for the formative years of my life (ie:from age 0--->5) and by religion i was muslim. After moving back with my parents (at the time they had demanding long jobs, my father travelled a lot) i became a catholic for reasons beyond me and then moved to Canberra... then 8 years later to Perth and 4 years later to Melbourne where i am now.

Brief life history i guess. I LOVE MUSIC! i am passionate about rap and r+b, i love vocals and meaningful lyrics. Obvious favourite artists are: Tupac, LLCoolJ, R Kelly, Aliyah, Jodeci, SILK!!!!!, Mary J Blige, Monica, D'Angelo, PRINCE!, Babyface, some of Snoops creations, and others you could name. I am not to excited bout Puff Daddy or Biggie Smalls but i still give all amount of respect. Other not so obvious artists include: Organized Konfusion, OC, Black Moon, Gravediggaz, Black Sheep, Raw Fusion, KRS-1, Lost Boys etc etc

Favourite songs include: Word is Bond by Brand Nubian; Born 2 Live and Stronjay by OC, anything by ORGANIZED KONFUSION; likewise for Gravediggaz (they some crazy peeps), and same for Prince especially his old stuff, Freak Me and Lose Control and Now That I've Lost You by Silk; Seven Days by Mary J; Slave by Black Moon and anything by the finest of them all...Tupac (damn those eyes get me reeling!)! etc etc etc etc

I do Tae Kwan Do. I'm a red 2. I do tounaments, mainly for the fighting aspect, even though i'm not a fighter lol Other interests include honeys, dancing, writing articles, poems etc, hopefully learning another language soon and travelling to the old country and other areas of Europe. But in order to do that i need income. Which i haven't got right now.

Things i like: Denzel Washington and Antonio Bandares lookalikes, chocolate, mangoes!, music, blood red roses, bright daffodils and tulips, Red Door and Amarige parfum, cultural stuff from all parts of the world, my baby (when he be good) and my friends, dancing, talking ( i love to blab), grandmamas cooking, Slav music, good ole' acordian dancing, argueing and having a general heap amount of fun.

Stuff i hate: bras that don't give enough damn support, stubborn people, guys who can't take no for an answer, annoying guys who keep calling, double standards between men and women, late people, racist people, sexist people and general idiots.

And for now that's about it. *grins*