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Like the others this page is still underconstruction but i had to dedicate a special section just to my crew all around the world.

First and foremost a shout to my best friend and the only person whom i would even consider to call my sister is Michelle. A whole paragraph dedicated to you! ain't u lucky! i love ya like a sis Mich, you always been there and you have stayed around even now i've moved to Sydney. You know what i'm thinking even when i just look atchya and you're a backbone to me when i felt like a slug. More than my family has been and more than any other man or friend ever has been, love ya for it. i hope i cheer ya up like u do me :)

Now to my best friends in Perth; my girls Sonia, Bianca, Sally, Kerrin and Holly who have been with me throughout my time in Perth. (we all gotta get organised one day and club TOGETHER!). Sandra ( my soul ooman) miss ya muchly.

To my BWOYS! that is Kurt Aaahdonis (my best 'friend' hahah to think all those years...), Lee H, Greg Naso (new age buddy), Brenden (baldy), <--- (you the crew that have shared so many good times and bad with me, i'll never forget) Andrew (now you know i woulda failed history without you!), Michael (aka Stoney, Michelles man) Ahmed, Humzah (incase you have the net just letting ya know i think bout chya), Damien (you know you always looked out for a lady, at the ball, at the Globe, you the man! thankyou even though it caused heartache!) Ricardo, to the wog crew: Pavle, Riste, Luicho, Alex, Zlatan (fine-azz), Tome (you fine-azz you), and the other Macos round Tae Kwan Do. To my old buddys that i haven't seen for a while: the African inseprables: JJ, JT and Antonio, Mauritian fellahs: Phillipe and Arnaud, Daniel, Guillaume (you know i still got love for you), Pascal, and the rest of the Mauritias crew. To Joel L, Deej my newest aquaintence, Ryan and Mickie-D, Kevin and Jack, Lance, Bert (OH! AND KD (when i'm back in perth we got to dance!) and his brother the crazy Muhummad!!!! i almost forgot! Nabby, Milton, Joel Meredith (you know..) and the rest of them nyoongas i've met over the years, shouts to my other Tae Kwan Do mentors: Tony and Allison and Rodney and Fabian (keanu lookalike) and Wade and Steele and Tanya etc i suppose that will do for now, anyone i forgot you know the drill, charge it to my head and not my heart.

SYDNEY PEOPLE!!!! how long i been here now? 8 months? this place rocks! ok shouts to CLARAAAAAAAa (love yah muchly girly!), NICholaaaaassssssss (bitch ass ho), Daaaaaaaaan, Panteli, Georgey! (thai next week? hehe), VIV, Kim, Katie!, Nikki!, Helen! (watch out for the wierdo chinese married men hahahahah!), Glen! (you gorgeous thing!),Kev, Mitchell, Aldwin (yum!), Irvin, Jury, Kon, Dennis, Vish the fish (with them spun out eyes mwah!), Joff, Marlon the stud, Christian, (have i missed someone?), Wendy (you rule girl!), Anthony, Marie, Belinda, Nilufer, Rebecca (u sing great!) and Kate and Alan, Kavi (you been awesome, stay cool), Ivan (my fine ass baldy clubbing buddy that gets all the north shore chicks!), Ernie, all the people i have met at uni and forgotten their names (sorry), JJ, Dina, Suzan, Phil, Steph (ah would i pass law without you? hell no!), Trudy, Albert, Cynthia, Sharif, Kinjoe, Peter Bazzow!, John, guys at the local pizza shop (hahah), Rajiva (sorry i stopped calling), Sam and butt-wiggle man (youse are crazy), Rachel (u gorg), and Charley (donchyoo dare cut that fro! i swear to god i will kick your ass busta-man! i promise i will make an effort to come see you sometime soon, campsie is just so far away maaaan).

MELBOURNE PEOPLE!!!! Steven!!!!!!!!!! STeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!! hahhaha Lisa! (domesticated woman, who would have ever thought...) Caroline, Eliza and Ellie. Pete (skip body wog head aaahahaha), Reuben with his wild hair (love yah muchly), Lena, and Simon (first date since my break up and yeh we gonna catch up. hows the modelling?)

Last lot of shouts go to my cyber fam all round the net. Starting off with the Fresh Finesse crew whom have since dwindled... Ms Trey (you always listen to me complain! luv ya!), Tlarero (my cuz in SA), Todays Man (goodluck with your life thankyou for all that we've shared), JC, Eton (hope you pull through, you in my thoughts sweetie), Mama B, Detroits Finest and little Deja!, AW, Screw, Bro Lamont, Gei-Gei, Atone, Yancy (arguing azz), My GAWD you people opened my mind to racism, youse are all gorgeous! Dana J!!!!!!!! thanx for the mention!, ...gawd mind blank....Blondi!!! the peeps on BWS: GrandPuba, HrtBrkr1, BlkGQ, nikki, |RASTAPASTA|, MisBhavn (you know what time it is!), LordTiger, Zero, devilish, Siadah, PMAN, thetrain, sugarbabie, denzel, CrownRyl, MsGorgeous, MYTH aka shaka, ReDDMaNN, especially Khujo (peeps say yah rarely get a second chance, imma lucky one to be getting that, this time i wont be fuckin up. with much love and MWAHs) Steel, Sylk, Wu_Ha, Lexy, Cakes, DrefromPA, MsV, BG, Shelly, BrnSuggs, Sir_Nasty acid, Much2Flex, zero-1, BadBwoy, SwtONe, syria, Mocha_latee, LA_Style, Rock, vel, PAPI, Lilsexyboo, Vic, Tyia, Hana, acid, CC, swt_one, shelley, maryJ, TUDE MAN Bone (mwah!) JC, Blz1wme, Cobra94 grncrystal and everyone else i have failed to mention. love ya's all!!!