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I have to dedicate a special home for my friends and family. Without them I think I would have thrown in the towel, so to speak, a long time ago. I feel that my family and friends have been invaluable and instrumental in the person I have become today

Firstly my immediate family, my father, mother and my lil bro, Leam. I have NO idea what sort of person I would have been without them. Thanx to Dad, I no longer sit with my head in front of the heater because I think my feet will freeze without me knowing and then I won't be able to walk (as you told me when I was like, 10, and I have believed it out of fear all this time and even now!) Thanx to my mother I have someone to have a cry to when I feel like the world is crumbling and she is always there to walk along the beach with when I visit home in Melbourne. My lil Bro, without him I would never have sat down to watch South Park... YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAAAHHHH! love yas all!

Secondly, Michelle Cabrera. She is my girl! The sister I never had! She knows what I'm thinking before I talk, calls me at 1am in the morning from Perth where she somehow knows that I am up at night sulking about SOMETHING, Lord knows what, and she loves eating Cookie Cream Commotion Icecream with me on the kitchen floor when I visit her in Perth. She is the most gorgeous person I know, the best friend a person could ever have and the most supportive person a girl could ever want...

Isn't she a stunner!

(l-r: Sonia, Greg, Kurt (kneeling), Lee, Sally, me (sitting), Kerrin, Michelle, Bianca and Brenden.)

This is my "fam". My closest friends in the whole wide world! I was mates with them whilst I lived in Perth for the 4 years that I did. We have hooned around in Kurt's "pink" car hurtling water bombs at unsuspecting year 8's, ate Ruffles Salt and Vinegar chips til we were sick, hung around the pool making iced tea in the hot summers, gave each other plastic roses on Valentine's Day when no one had boyfriends or girlfriends (except for Kurt who got me a REAL rose) and us who drove down to the beach with our new little dobermann puppy Ziggy and tryed to introduce his scared azz to the sea. Those were the days! *sniff*

Lastly this is my best Buddy from Melbourne, Steven. Isn't he gorgeous! He always calls me to say hello, he even flew up to Sydney with me when i was moving here in February just to keep me company while i wandered aimlessly around Sydney trying to find out exactly how i was going to make it in Uni by myself. Thanks Steven, mum loves ya and so do i. :)

Of course there's many more special people in my life, some new ones like Clara (right) who I met on the bus at University (still spinning over that Clara) and who I think will become great friends but these on this page have stuck by me through thick and thin... what more could I want?