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Sounds pretty vain huh. Actually I thought it would be a good idea to see the person behind this webpage and let you know what sort of person I am.

I am a Communications/Law student at University of Western Sydney. My family is in Melbourne (lucky them *smirk*) and I've moved to Sydney to go to Uni. What do I think of Uni? Pretty damn good actually. Hectic and busy but then I like my life to be busy.

This is me just after New years 2000. I think it was like Jan the 5th or sumthin, bout to go out with my girl Lisa (a pic of whom i keep forgetting to scan for some reason.

I love rap and r+b. Prince and Maxwell have to be my all time favourite artists. But I am especially fascinated by the complex poetry that lies behind the lyrics of rap songs, and I'm not talking about the commercial music you hear on the top 40. I mean the underground rap you wouldn't necissarily hear unless you knew where to look for it. However i have found especially in the past few years that rap music, and in paricular the talented underground artists of a few years back like Pharoh Monch, has risen up to become quite well known and even commercial. It's great to be able to talk to peeps who know about Redman and Methodman, i remember when no one knew about those fellahs. It's about time rap blew up and i believe it is still on a steep climb. I am really down for artists like Organized Konfusion, OC, and Black Moon. They talk often about politics, life in the poor ghetto suburbs and how they survive in their lifestyle. Dealing with Racism (which is a topic I feel passionate about), fakeness and reality. I have included a link to a page I have found to be incredebly stimulating over the years when it comes to this topic. It has a forum where people discuss issues.


Please explore the site it really is fantastic.

I work for a Law firm in the city as a legal secretary. It's pretty good. I get to wear funky suits and play executive woman. *smirk*

I have a dog called Lucky. It's a Bichon Frise NOT A POODLE (as the grooming people mistakenly thought and therefore gave him a poodle cut, pom-poms and all). he's my little bubba. got such an attitude, barks back at me when i yell at him for doing something wrong.

On other issues i have a few pet hates. These being too many assignments, spelling, not getting enough sleep, brussel sprouts, squash, zuchinni, people that continue to argue with me when they know they are wrong :), racism, injustice, ignorence, self-righteous peeps, not ever having enough food and never having enough MONEY! :)

Thats about it for now. Now to get onto the REAL stuff.....