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Country Music
Country Music

Magazine Description Country Music is for enthusiasts in the field of country music. Regular features include lifestyles of both the performers and the readers. From news about the music business to information on home entertainment equipment — country music lovers will find all they need to satisfy their cravings.

A Gathering of the Tribes
A Gathering of the Tribes

Magazine Description A Gathering of the Tribes is an arts and culture magazine published bianually. Encompasing the genres of poetry, fiction, commentary, interviews, musical scores, and visual art, the magazine is committed to producing a multicultural, multigenerational, multilingual magazine of the highest quality.

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If you come by way of Shannon drop by and appreciate the Arts. Another possibility might be a visit to the Burren.

Visit the Waterford Glassworks on your way to/from Dublin.

Another reminder as if one needed reminding, the saint of all saint's day is upon us again. It's a day that is celebrated far and wide. It will be a great day if its akin to one held in New York.

Kenmare and its surrounds is becoming a mecca for foreigners from across Europe and beyond. The native people are very accepting of the trend. There is however some concern about a loss of the friendly hospitality that the Irish people are noted for.

Oh! Father Dear, I oft times hear you speak of Skibbereen.

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Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon

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Spreading the Faith

Saint Patrick, Missouri got its name thanks to a Mrs. Rose Simpson Riney who in 1834 build a log church in honor of Ireland' saint, she did so upon arriving from Kentucky with her husband. He was to die a short time afterwards. She lived for another fifty years and died on the anniversary of her husband's passing. A modern church (a shrine) now dominates the landscape. Mr. and Mrs. Riney and their settler companions named the area Maryville, a name subsequentially lost to another Maryville, another location whose inhabitants claimed to be first. Saint Patrick was then chosen as the name because of the church.
Strange how the inclination of these transplanted folks to name their respective locations, Maryville. It may have something to do with the history of their Maryland origin. The Rineys are believed to have come to the New World with Lord Baltimore in the mid 1600s, settling in and around Maryville, Maryland. The name Riney is peculiar to South Kerry, a location close to Kinsale harbor where they are thought to have departed from. Close by the town of Kinsale is a place named Baltimore.

Maryland Catholics (which naturally included Rineys) were obliged to flee the area after the American Revolution was won, even having fought and died in that great cause. The persecution of Catholics was the sport that ensued, it resulted in their flight down the Ohio River and on into Kentucky and to states beyond.
A terse description: Just south of the Iowa state line the road passes near the Battle of Athens State Historic Site, where you can picnic and camp beside a Civil War battlefield. South, at St. Patrick, be sure to stop by the beautiful shrine in the only U.S. town named for this saint. A map within this URL does not show Saint Patrick, but by referring to Canton, Missouri you're but a few miles south of St. Patricks.

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