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History making Pictures

Stephen O'Shea - Founder, President

President Stephen O'Shea is the first president of Saint Brendan's Gaelic Fooball Club, a club he helped found. Others who contributed are duly credited within Saint Brendan's web pages. Stephen has been heavily involved in Gaelic activities for years. His work on behalf of fellow Kerrymen is well appreciated in New York circles. Football is a passion for Kerrymen, especially since their County Kerry holds more All Ireland distinctions than any other county in Ireland. Now, Hurling is another matter :)

James O'Sullivan Award on January 19, 2002

Mary O'Sullivan presented the prestigious award to Stephen.

Brendan Lynch - Vice-President

Vice-President Brendan Lynch is the first vice-president of Saint Brendan's Gaelic Fooball Club, a club he contributed to its founding. Other contributers are duly credited within Saint Brendan's web pages. Brendan as like Stephen has keen interest in his ancestry at many levels.

Committee Members at Awards Dance on January 19, 2002

Members at GAA Minor Board dance

Stephen O'Shea - Saint Brendan's Mascot

Brendan's Mascot Stephen proudly displays Saint Brendan's teams colors. The Kerry lettering will however be replaced with appropriate Saint Brendan wording.

Kieran O'Shea - Assistant Coach

Assistant coach Kieran is a young man who is committed to Gaelic Football. He has experience playing soccer and American Football and will bring ideas to inspire Gaelic players in his coaching endeavors.

Saint Brendan's Founding Committee

Founding CommitteeIt takes but a few to launch a dream. Saint Brendan's founding committee got the ball to roll.

  • Back: Mike Keane (President, NY Minor, GAA Football), Danny McKenna, Dermot Myers.
  • L > R: Brendan, Fiona, Sinead Lynch. Stephen, Kieran O'Shea. Donal O'Callaghan, Cathie O'Shea,
  • (Front): Brendan Og Lynch, Stephen Og Shea.

First Official Regristration - April 22, 2001

First official RegisterationThe first official registration took place with a few of Saint Brendan's founding members.

  • L > R: Donald O'Callaghan, Stephen O'Shea, Kieran O'Shea. Cathie O'Shea.
  • (Front): Stephen Og O'Shea.

Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Players

Future Stars Two future Gaelic Fooballers. One day they may be playing in Ireland's famous Croke Park representing New York in an All Ireland Final. One, never knows.

Registration Day Gathering

Registeration gatheringA registration day sign-up of gaelic footballers for Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Club.


Kieran Croke .. Marty Boyle .. Kenny Reilly

2001 - Under 10 Team

1st under 10 team

2001 - Under 12 Team

1st under 12 team

Some Committee Members - January 19, 2002

Enjoying the Night - NY GAA Minor Board Dance

2001 MVP Sean O'Reilly scores St. Brendan's first goal

Ball on high destined for under crossbar for first goal.

Article on St. Brendan's debut

Competitive Sporting Regard

After St. Brendan's first outing and winning achievement.

It's a point for Shane O'Hanlon, first for a St. Brendan team

Ball gone over the bar by Shane O'Hanlon

Getting ready to compete

St. Brendan's Team Players

Proud three, of NY Finest

Finn O'Hanlon .. Erin O'Shea .. Shane O'Hanlon

NY GAA Minor Board Dance

Kerry Mens Association honor Stephen O'Shea with presence.

Curtain draped at Award's Dinner - St. Brendan banner


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