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Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Club of Monroe, Orange County NY

Supporters - Without whom.

Being involved in club activities is not without effort but the rewards of seeing it succeed is the sweetest part of all. Seeing and having evidence of the joy in the faces of those grateful youthful players who surprise themselves with a great scoring manouver putting the ball under the bar for a (Gooooooooal) or over the bar (between the uprights) for a scoring point. The saves made by a goalie who prevents a sure thing and those defenders who keep their opposites properly pressured so that they might not be all that they might, on that particular day.

Supporters who provide either through their hours of service and/or funding are naturally, very much appreciated and must surely feel equally proud with being associated with something special. Credit is duly noted to the following - Thank you.
Dhia agus Muire Duit.

Dennis P. Browne
AOH Div1, President
Blooming Grove
Town Board
* Kerry Team
Anthony O'Keeffe
Tralee, Co. Kerry
NY Minor Football
Gaelic Athletic Association
Room for others Room for others Room for others

* The Kerry team donated the first item to be raffled off at Saint Brendand's fundraiser in March 2002.

Morgan O'Shea presented an official (collectors series) 2000 All-Ireland "MILLENNIUM" football on behalf of the Kerry Team. It is signed by all the Kerry "All Ireland Champions".

The contributers will be honorably listed here

All of the above, those contributers who made a difference to the club's launching, are highlighted here Their support being paramount, in getting a great game launched for the youth of Orange County. We are always happy having others join with us in this wonderful endeavor, be it an offer of sevices, expertize and yes, donations and/or through sponsorship.
Please contact Stephen O'Shea 845-783-2154, if you wish to make a contribution, be party in the making of NY history.
Cead Mile Failtes await your generous assisting and giving.