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Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football
Monroe-Woodbury Area, Orange County New York,

Under -10 1st outing winners


Saint Brendan's Club has been approved by
The New York Minor Board - Gaelic Athletic Associaton

Saint Brendan's Club is especially pleased to have the backing of
the Kerry Team, who donated the first item to be raffled off in
support of Saint Brendan's March 2002 fundraiser.

Information on Gaelic Fooball

Saint Brendan's Founding - on March 21, 2001
Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Club was so named after the Patron Saint of County Kerry, Ireland. Stephen O'Shea formerly from County Kerry, had a dream that is now being realized. Thanks to him and eight others who joined this venture the ball started rolling. It must be emphasized here, the contribution of ladies who became involved who were the catalyst to really make things happen. They did so with energy, their enthusiasm their ideas, their commitment to a game that they intuitively knew, would serve the youth of their Orange County communities. Stephen's dream began taking shape but without a field how was reality to be realized. Coming to the rescue, were visionary Town Board members from the neighboring town of Blooming Grove. Yes, a town bordering Monroe, which Stephen and wife Cathie, and their friends regard as their "HEROES." Truly amazing folks.

Continuing on, Stephen, now a resident of Monroe, can be credited with a first. The history of Monroe will likewise be enhanced and can lay claim with pride to his contribution. It should be noted that Stephen's long interest in, and love of Gaelic activities in the county of his birth and carried over to the New York region. This was the catalyst that led him with encouragement of his lovely wife Cathie to start a Gaelic Football club for the children of his community. Gaelic football is a wonderful game, it is played among the youth of Erin and is becoming increasingly popular by youth in other lands.

Stephen's began his project by attempting to secure a pitch to play on. This coupled with the number of young players yet to be realized was not conducive to exciting backers. Stephen and wife Cathie had to be creative if they were to obtain the requisite backing in support of Stephen's dream. Needless to say, as is usual, nothing came easy, they were not having much success until Cathie suggested that they describe the game as Gaelic (as it, really is) and not as Irish football. This coupled with the large numbers of eager youth who signed on, they went forth and viola! met with the success they sought. Even with the field and necessary backing in hand, much still needs to be done. Hopes are high that kids through age 12 (initially) will be enjoying a level of Gaelic Football competitiveness beginning in March 2002. Saint Brendan's teams have begun training, individuals are honing their skills for next year engagements, already.
Americans tend to like reasonably high scoring games, as like baseball, they like the come from behind aspect, like that of a grand slam homer. Gaelic football provides for similar dramatic turnabouts. A ball between the uprights (over the bar) is worth one point, but if the ball finds the net (under the bar) its a goal, and worth three points. A score at the end of a game might appear where Team A scored points, 0-17 (no goal scored) and Team B with 2-10, in which case, Team A won by one point.

Congratulations! to Stephen and committee members, a dream that became a reality.
Good Luck.

Stephen O'Shea - Founder, President . . . Brendan Lynch - Vice President

Club Supporters

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Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Club
Orange County, NY.

2 Suttie Avenue, Monroe, NY 10950-4012
Tel 845 783-2154

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