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Saint Brendan's Gaelic Football Club, Monroe, Orange County, NY.

Awakening curiosity.

First game at Rockland County Gaelic Football Park
About to kick football goalwards
Saint Brendan's under ten first outing, won by 3 points. Where's the ball?  - appears to be launched goalwards


What is represented by that on the left?
These symbols represent the four provinces of the island of a 32 counties, Ireland.
Six of the nine counties of the province of Ulster signified by the Red Hand, are under control of England. A statelet commonly known as Northern Ireland.
The three crowns represent the province of Munster.
The harp is representative of the province of Leinster within which is Dublin city.
Last but not least is the symbol to represent the province of Connaught. Counties of Mayo, Galway are within its domain.

Being good Gaelic Footballers is not enough, participants should be good citizens, and study as eagerly as they play. They should be respectful of themselves and others as well as our Mother Earth. Being priviliged in having playing facilities provided by the town of Blooming Grove it is therefore our duty to clean up after our play. Thank you.
Just common sense stuff. The educational sites that follow are worthy of a look.

Kid Sites

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A scenario to ponder, for our collective good.
During your "Journey to Spaceship Earth" you will meet our intergalactic robot whose mission is to help teach Argonians how to clean up their planet and maintain planetary existance for future generations.

EPA - Kids

No need to be sad, realize those beautiful sunsets will eventually re-appear, maybe this evening, and for sure sometime soon.