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Neidin, "little nest," anglicised Kenmare.

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Snippets of information about the Kenmare area:

  • Roughty River joins with Sheen River before flowing into Kenmare Bay, under Suspension Bridge. The bridge is misnamed - the original construction was a suspension type, a new design was built after 1934.
  • Finnerty River flows by the town, under Cromwellian bridge and into Kenmare Bay.
  • Bonane - enroute to Glengarriff - up the Sheen River.
  • Kilgarvan - five miles to the east - up the Roughty.
  • Lauragh - Six miles to the west - down the Bay's left side.
  • Templenoe - four miles to the west - down the Bay's right side towards Sneem.
  • Moll's Gap - enroute to Killarney - up the Finnerty.
  • Sights, close by


    The source of the material that describes Kenmare in the follow-on paragraph was gleaned from Liam Cousins' "My home town Kenmare" and from the Kenmare Literary and Historical Society's "Kenmare Journal."

    Visitors to our town are sometimes confused by the bilingual signpost with the name Kenmare in large letters above and the diminutive Neidin underneath. The early parish was variously spelled Kynmare, Cinmair, Cillmare and Cillmaire. The prefix ken (ceann) an kin (cinn)
    the gaelic are synonmous, meaning head of or end of. ..... Kenmare (ceann mara), head of or end of the sea where Kenmare can be observed upon referencing a map of the area. The name Nedeen derives from the district in and around the present town, once occupied by the sub-sept of the McCarthys or as others would have it, a sub-sept of the O'Sullivan Mores (more, meaning "large" or "big" in gaelic) of Dunkerron, referred to as Sliocht Nedeen. It was a tribal rather than a topographical significence.

    One may ask what the region has to offer! In addition to its beautiful scenery it boast some of the best hotels in Ireland.

    Some of what is offered:

  • Golfing .. 18-hole beginning with tee adjacent to Carnegie Hall. A hall courtesy of Andrew Carnegie
  • Boat Ride .. Down Kenmare Bay to view its islands and surrounding mountain scenery.
  • Fishing .. On lakes, rivers and down the Kenmare Bay and the Atlantic.
  • Walking .. Reenagros island designed for - below the "Park Hotel" on the Kenmare River (so called because the Roughty and Sheen rivers have combined to become one prior to the arrival of the Atlantic tides.
  • Longer Treks .. Around Roughty - over Suspension Bridge by Sheen Falls via Crossroads or in reverse order. The Sheen River flows into the Roughty river absent the tide. A beautiful luxury hotel aptly named the "Sheen Falls Hotel" is situated in close proximity to the falls.
  • Climb Mountain.. Plenty to choose - Ireland's highest (Not really high)
  • Sightseeing .. Everywhere

    Figures of an era:

    Pat Spillane .... Gaelic Footballer (Templenoe)
    Mickey Ned Sullivan .... Gaelic Footballer (Kenmare)
    Mikey Wharton .... Gaelic Hurler (Killowen)
    Johnny McCarthy .... Master Chef - Teacher (Kenmare town)
    Pat "Scarteen" O'Connor .... Politician (Kenmare town)
    ... and others who will be listed later .....


  • Catholic - Holy Cross
  • Protestant
    Father Breen's Memorial Park (1936)
  • Gaelic Football
  • Hurling
  • Athletic Events
    Golf Links
  • 18-hole Convenient to Town
  • Pitch & Putt (at Cross Roads)
    Carnegie Hall
  • Library housed within
  • Used for social events
    Heritage Musuem
  • Provides historical info
    Old Kenmare Cemetery
  • Famine Memorial

    Connections - loose or otherwise:

  • Maggie Thatcher - ancestor, an O'Sullivan
  • Billy Idol - mother, an O'Sullivan.
  • Frank O'Mara - mother, of an Olympian.
  • Composer Moeran - drowned off Kenmare Pier Composed for the Halle Orchestra, London. Is buried in the Old Church (Protestant) graveyard at Killowen.

    Things said by people of the area.

    Here's one or two:

  • Raining .. A nice soft day
  • Major problem .. A thing of nothing
  • Good/Fun Times .. Great Craic
  • News of local interest

    Kenmare folks (whom townfolks know) are long back after a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing a magnificent wedding at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. The day, Saturday, May 25, 1996 had no equal. On exiting the cathedral the happy couple were treated to seemingly fairy tale treatment. Folks observing the horse-drawn carriage and the radient bride in her resplendent gown wondered who the celebrity was that had just been wed. Tourists with cameras got in the way of the photographers who were attempting to capture the blessed moment for the newly weds.


    A circuit of Ireland Rally is to end in Kenmare in October 1996. Participants are eager to enjoy Kenmare's hospitality as is the custom.


    Connections - For Better or Worse:

    Emily Lawless' poem:

    War-dogs, hungry and grey, gnawing a naked bone,
    Fighters in every clime, Every cause but their own.

    Another Kenmare

    A message received from another Kenmareman with a compliment on September 11, 1996.

    "Strange isn't it, I am from Kenmare, North Dakota." Please reference this neat page which offers Kenmare folks of ND an opportunity to identify themselves and to provide comments.

    Kenmare Street

    An Irish-American politician by the name of O'Sullivan had a street in New York city named for his mother's birthplace. In close proximity to Kenmare Street is a Sullivan Street that was named in his honor. When New York was Irish, no doubt!

    USA Online

    Stock News


    A former member of "Boys of the Lough" was raised in Kenmare.

    Interesting fact:
    The most frequently sung song by barbershopper singers appears to be "My Wild Irish Rose."

    Worldwide Connections

    Prominent Clan - You've guessed it by now! US Surnames
    The Harp An O'Shea
    Seals in the Bay Research Writing
    Irish Travel CNN News
    Irish News Golfing
    Every Ogham Thing Happenings
    Planned by Sneemman KSAT Kerry Games +

    What's in a name?

    Here are some interesting "originating" connections that are not widely known nor appreciated by historians. The contributions, the religion, and timeline does not fit neatly with notions about the arrival of a people. People who fought and died in America's cause.
  • Riney (of Kerry ancestry) settled/helped build first log church.
  • Lincoln's Autobiography
  • Riney, Origin of name
  • Riney, English-born success

  • Archaeology ___ Irish News Link

    Don't forget to view the Druid's Circle when you visit. Druids, the pagan priests, used the stone circles in connection with their rites. Pillar stones in isolation appear to be headstones because of ogham writing found on them translates to a kind of "Here Lies So and So."

    Thesaurus .. Enter "Ireland."


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