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I've been getting a lot of spam email, so I will write my email address like this, instead of as a link: otakuhell@aol.com. Not sure if that will help reduce my spam load or not, but it's worth a try.

Please read the following before emailing me any questions. Many of the questions I get through email can be answered here. Thank you.

All orders will be shipped from Japan. I will do my best to still not charge extra for shipping, but please read certain changes.

- All DVD-R videos are: $12 each. Minimum order is two (2) discs. I cannot accept orders for only one disc, because shipping from Japan is not cost effective. If you really only need one disc, I will have to charge extra for shipping.

- Prices already include shipping and handling to the United States and to Canada. However, for very large orders I may ask for a small shipping fee to help. I will accept orders from worldwide, but shipping charges may be applied.

- Order "as is" volumes only. Please do not request certain episodes. I cannot change the contents of each disc.

- ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. It will most likely take less than six weeks, depending on the size of your order and other circumstances. But please allow extra time in any case, especially if making a large order. I cannot stress this enough. Do not expect your order to arrive in just a few days time. Furthermore, if you need something by a certain date be sure to place the order early. I will do my best to help people who are in a rush, but it isn't always possible.

- Contact me first about your order and we can work out payment options. I will do my best to meet your needs concerning payment arrangements. Since I am in Japan, payment options are a bit limited. Various online payment services are the best. Or sending me U.S. cash by secure mail.

All sales are from collector to collector with no rights given or implied. Will always do my best to remove titles when they become licensed in the U.S. in uncut form (for example: ULTRAMAN TIGA, KIKAIDER, KAMEN RIDER V3.)

Before placing an order you MUST READ the following information first. It will be assumed that you have read and understood all of this before ordering. If you still have any questions, let me know by email.

- Buyer is responsible for whether or not they can play DVD-R media on their DVD player. Not all DVD players can play DVD-R copies. If you are unsure, do some research online. Most recent DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives can play DVD-R media with no problems. In the event that you receive a defective disc, I will send you a replacement copy.

- In most cases DVD-R copies will NOT have fancy menus, extra features, or full DVD authoring. However, listings that say "Direct from Japanese DVD" will be exact copies with all menus and extra features, if any, intact. The copy you get will be equal to the master copy in my collection.

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Like I said, defects will be replaced by same title(s) only. I do not accept returns of any kind, since I am dealing in media that can be easily duplicated (meaning, a customer can make a dupe and then try to get a refund). Please be sure that what you are ordering is exactly what you want.

- DVD-Rs do not come with any fancy packaging or labels. My collection is too vast to produce labels and/or inserts for every single title. I am more concerned with offering excellent quality videos than offering extra frills. If you want frills and more episodes per disc at the cost of less video quality, then I am sure there are other dealers out there to help you. If you want high quality, then look no further.

Thank you.