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Harmuth Family Home Page


We're the Harmuth family from upstate NY

We like to travel in our motorhome and observe nature.

Here's some pictures from our trips, We hope you enjoy them

At home on the Hudson River

My family and our motorhome

Dinosaur Park is a Canadian National Park located 100 mi. east of Calgery Alberta., in the heart of the Canadian oil fields. The park still is an active fossil dig for several museums and it has a fossil conservancy on site. The landscape is similar to the Badlands in the South Dakota and hiking is encouraged within the main loop road. Although it's at nearly 50 degrees North latitude, the park has an abundance of desert wild life, including rattlesnakes and scorpions. Other native wildlife are your standard deer, beavers and bats.
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

My Boys

Stony Brook State Park Dansville. NY

The Bay OF Fundy, New Brunswick ,Canada

Algonquin Provencial Park, 3 hours north of Toronto,Canada

More camping pictures around North America

My boys favorite animals
  • Beavers (official NY state animal)
  • Crocodile
  • Manatees
  • Penguins
  • Bears
  • Platypus

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    Download a list of Harmuths in Germany, from (thanks for the list)