Praise Jah, as he has guided you to HAILE UNLIKELY!

Praise Jah, as he has guided you to the home page of Haile Unlikely, Long Island's Reggae Ambassadors

Long Islands' home-grown reggae band, HAILE UNLIKELY makes bold original reggae music from NYC to the Hamptons year-round. Their cool stylins' range from roots to ska, rock-steady, lovers rock, dance hall, rock, hip-hop, trip hop, reggaeton and fierce jam-band lunacy. This excentric mix of young (and ancient) underground musicians has been making magic on the clubs of Long Island since, like, the STONE age! HU has played gigs opening for A-List reggae legends like Toots and the Maytals, Yellowman, Luciano, Mikey General, Carlton Coffie and Sister Carol and transmitting their message worldwide to the delight of reggae fanatics everywhere!

Ras Chrispy Sez: Renounce global poli-tricks and join HU at our next gig. Een!

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The Questionable Answer

The Curse

1hit1der (The One-Hit Wonder)

Shadow Democracy Live at Beaus Bar 4/22/11





LEVEL THE VIBES - We play the ital sound. We live the ital life. This band is about sharing our love of reggae music, not about $tardom and money. We want to work with reggae programmers and producers to promote reggae music, which (like truth) is so tragically missing from the embedded American media machine these days. Haile Unlikley is proud to spread the truth of Jah music to the world, direct from the belly of the beast in Babylon, NY.

Always remember Strong Island. . . Take the time to Feel Irie. . . Give thanks and praise to Jah! . . . and BIG UP to all massive and crew, whatever your color - wherever you're from - and whatever you do! Respect to ALL people! Warren A. Babylon

  • This band from Strong Island is THE HARDEST WORKING BAND in the reggae business - HAILE UNLIKELY the original HAMPTONS RASTAS' ...are... ''NUMBER ONE at WBAI and WUSB'. . . Every ganja smoking surfer in the Hamptons LOVES this tune called BIG DREAMS, SMALL REALITY' 'WOW! One of my favourite reggae bands...sounds like Lee Scratch Perry produced by P.Diddy...' Every Thursday morning at WBAI NUFF people call in and BAWL fe DIS one called 'Goodbye KING NUKLA...' One GREAT tune!' - Lister Hewan-Lowe, legendary reggae producer and Americas' longest-running reggae DJ - WUSB-FM Long Island and WBAI-FM in New York City and the LONGEST CONTINUOUSLY RUNNING REGGAE SHOW IN THE AMERICAS.
  • I just dropped some of the tracks on the show yesterday, I opened the show with Big Dreams, Small Reality (which is an awesome track) and then I finished the show with King Nukla (and get this, I dropped the track and Rummy resigned....maybe I need to play this one every week till they all are gone from office). I want to say respect for the musicianship evident on this release and please continue to send us new material so we can continue to share the music with our fans in California, but also the world with our net stream. Give thanks and I confess frankly and haile, as James Taylor sings (you gotta fan) - Big Ups from Big Jim, Big Jim Snidow DJ KUCI 88.9FM Irvine California. November 9, 2006

  • 'Excellent Bien Bien Roots' - Prince Thierry of Radio MEGA 99.2 FM in Lyon, France

  • 'Weird, quirky reggae with catchy hooks and a born-to-party additude. Awesome roots and dub with hints of country and progressive rock. Every great little track on this great little album is awesome-pick it up if you need a little lift from the sunny tropics of Long Island. A 10!" -Edward Burke, AKA DJ Sterling of "Zion Planet", WWPV 88.7FM, Colchester, Vermont - (February 2003)

  • 'I still got the band playing every day. "Selassie Come Home" is a big hit with my listeners.' - Bahilman of Creation Steppin' Radio,

  • "No man chooses his parents. But in the last analysis, a man's ultimate worth is, in the modern world, determined by his accomplishments and his service in the cause of his nation and his counrtymen." Selassie I, Nov. 2, 1973

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