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GWF's: Next Generation

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The GWF newsletter that took the world by STORM!


Next Generation comes out about every other week in the summer. During the school year it comes out whenever I have time and enough articles.

It is based on Promoter Articles, rather than Fight Cards. I Choose 1 Fight Card every issue to be printed.

My name is Joe Jaczewski. If you would like to subscribe, write to the, not the one at the bottom. Please send your first

and last name. If you don't want to, that is fine. I just want to be able to write you name and your e-mail address if you get something


Next Generation's first issue was printed on July 25, 1997 and is working on it's twenty-first issue!

Last updated: September 28, 1998

The next issue should be coming out this weekend!

If you subscribe, you will receive all back issues including the most current one.

Check out the reversal on the PWF belt!

Just follow the link at the top to the second page!

The third page has the links for ALL the issues. You can read the previews here or just go see them right away!


I tried a new format in Issue 13.

In Issue 14, I think I mastered the format, but who knows if there will be another section added!

Original Wrestlers-See what kind of wrestlers people have made. Hey, Tom! Check this section out for


Promoter Articles-The MAIN idea of NG, they are anything that you can think of in your mind, and


Promoter Spotlight-Say when you started GWF, how you started GWF, and anything that happened

since you started!

Flashback-Aaron Chiu submitted the first Flashback in Issue 12. It was an instant hit and now there is another section in his honor!

Fight Card of the Promoter-Only one is printed every issue. You could be the lucky one!

Rankings-Ty States submitted the first one in Issue 12. I thought it was a great idea so I made it a regular column! This is just one

example of how you could get your ideas engraved in Next Generation History!

New Matches!-A great section to read 'cause it has matches that you wouldn't believe!

Addresses-it's back, but with a twist-it's new name is Addresses/Web Site Locations!

Closing Comments-This is where I wrap up NG. Sometimes I have tournaments and other contests so it

is a must read!

If you have any other ideas, please send them in. Maybe you could have your own column!

Issue 1: July 25, 1997

Feature: Joe Jaczewski! Nobody knew about NG until this issue so I had to submit everything. It's good, but NG has gotten a

LOT better!

Issue 2: August 8, 1997

Feature: Agent Morris brings two awesome articles!

Issue 3: August 22, 1997

Feature: Warren Fitzpatrick stacks the NG with his cool stuff!

Issue 4: September 6, 1997

Feature: Dan Schwent's new wrestler and two articles!

Issue 5: September 20, 1997

Feature: Tom Filsinger gives his thoughts on CPC 2106 and Classics 2084!

Issue 6: October 4, 1997

Feature: Jonathan Knapik has an Article, Fight Card, and a New Match!

Issue 7: November 1, 1997

Feature: Lots of thoughts and opinions on what's hot in the GWF and CPC!

Issue 8: November 27, 1997 "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

Feature:Ty States has an awesome Six-Man Tournament!

Issue 9: December 26, 1997 "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"

Feature: I review the CPC 2106 and make a Draconian Sheik attack chart!

Issue 10: January 19,1998 "The BIG one!"

Feature: Ty States hosts THREE fight cards!

Issue 11: February 8, 1998

Feature: brings his original wrestler, Baron Doom, and has an interview with Rebel Empire!

Issue 12: March 29, 1998

DOUBLE Feature:

Jon Knapik shows off Hecate and hosts Saturday Night Fever!

Aaron Chiu time travels in Flashback 2087 and makes the much anticipated Promoter Spotlight!

Issue 13: April 8, 1998

Feature: Joachim Erdtman writes his conerns in the Letter to the Editor. Hopefully Tom will respond so I can print his response in the next


Issue 14: May 2, 1998

Feature: AARON CHIU's Flashback makes its own section!

He adds new match stipulations to pump up your tag matches and/or league matches

You can also find out the location of his web site.

Issue 15: May 25, 1998 "Happy Memorial Day"

Feature: I create "The Veteran," a special wrestler for this holiday.

Issue 16: June 21, 1998 "Happy Father's Day and Summer!"

DOUBLE Feature:

Kenneth West is in the Spotlight and hosts the fight card of the promoter!

Dan Cleary shows Rankings and his new wrestler Flood.

*Both of these people's web site locations can be found in this issue.

Issue 17: July 6, 1998

Feature: Yoki Erdtman makes grudge matches more exciting with ways to lengthen them!

Dan Cleary presents Flood's partner, "Punk" Matt Brewster!

Issue 18: July 20, 1998

Feature: Kenneth West shows VINNIE "THE EQUALIZER" DIESEL and has a Cosmic Clash Flashback!

Issue 19: August 1, 1998 CPC's Take Over!

Qualitar has an article on the CPC Takeover and announces the CPC Summer Slam.


Feature: Aaron Chiu does a Flashback/Fight Card and introdues the Illusionaries!

Kenneth West presents Monarch!

Ty States tells his opinion in Ty's take!

The wild Miss Skitch and Baby Cindi discuss Real-Life Wrestlers in COTG!

The fight card of the promoter Solarslam!

Jeff "Doc" Manjarrez shows two New Cruiserweight Charts!

Also catch: The BIG announcement of the NG take back! And get a little humor from the new advertisements! All this in ONE issue!

So subscribe to today!

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